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Yukiteru "Yukki" Amano (天野 雪輝, Amano Yukiteru) is the main male protagonist of the Future Diary series. He is the First Diary Holder and in possession of the "Observance/Indiscriminate Diary", also called as the "Random Diary" in the anime. He is the love interest of Yuno Gasai in the Future Diary series and Aru Akise in Future Diary: Paradox (a side story in a separate timeline).


Yukiteru is a boy of middle-school age, with black hair and blue eyes. He is usually seen wearing a beanie, shorts with a holster for his throwing darts, an overcoat, and a black turtleneck with a zipper. He also wears boots with white socks.


Yukiteru is most well known for his timid personality, becoming tearful and distressed in response to traumatic situations. He also has a tendency to cower in battle, usually relying on Yuno for protection. He lacks confidence and is usually submissive to confrontation. He is well aware of and fears Yuno's insanity regarding him, but has a strong desire to keep her sane, often forgiving her for her mistakes and keeping her from murdering others.

Initially, Yukiteru has little desire to become a god, trying to form alliances with other diary holders and mainly fighting out of self-defense. After the deaths of his parents, however, he decides to begin playing the game in earnest, wanting to revive his parents if he becomes god, becoming more vicious, cunning, and willing to kill. The latter trait is shown when he does not try to stop Nishijima's death during the assault on the Eleventh and when he kills the Eighth's followers despite an alliance with her. He also becomes more trusting of Yuno, to the point where he disbelieves Hinata, Mao, and Kosaka's claims that she is lying to him about a god's ability to revive the dead; following "confirmation" that they're planning to betray him, he shoots them in cold blood. Nonetheless, Yukiteru retains some of his previous kindness behind his newfound ruthless streak; he wishes to win the Survival Game specifically to revive everyone who died along the way, and tries to stop Aru and Yuno from fighting each other on his behalf.

After Aru's death and final message, Yukiteru's trust in Yuno decreases, but he tries to love her as best he can. He refuses to kill her to become god despite their earlier arrangement. During the battle against Yuno, he acknowledges his love for her and persistently pursues her into the Third World. His love for her pushes him to save her Third World self (to ensure she had a good future) and allows him to escape her illusion orb. After becoming a god, he mourns her for 10,000 years before happily reuniting after the third world Yuno breaks the wall of space and time.

Interestingly, flashbacks from the First World indicate that Yukiteru was braver and less cowardly than his second-world self. It is implied by Muru Muru that Yukki was weak in the Second World because he was pampered and fiercely protected by First World's Yuno all the time.

Diary & Abilities

Yukki uses the Observance Diary (無差別日記, Musabetsu Nikki), a cellphone which provides a detailed explanation of his surroundings in the present and the future. While versatile in any situation, the main disadvantage of the Observance Diary is that the diary does not tell Yukki what is happening to himself, which leaves him vulnerable; however, this gives it great synergy with Yuno's Yukiteru Diary, which only predicts what happens to him. Its range is also limited to what Yukki can see; thus, putting him in a confined space can drastically reduce the amount of information it presents. Furthermore, since the diary is written from his point of view, Yukki can be tricked into thinking something he sees is true without realizing it, which is a disadvantage for other people who use the Observance Diary.

Yukiteru is also very skilled at throwing darts, being his hobby of choice prior to the Survival Game. He almost always carries several darts in a holster on his shorts, and he can throw them with incredible speed and accuracy; in a pinch, he can also use them to stab people at close range. While clumsy with other melee weapons such as an axe, he learns to use a revolver near the end of the Survival Game.

After becoming God, he possesses divine abilities, but the extent of them are unknown. Presumably, he has complete control of space and time in the Second World, similar to his predecessor.

Plot Overview

Behind the Scenes

A year prior to the beginning of the Survival Game, Yukiteru's parents divorced. In spite of that, he still holds out hope that they will reconcile and be a family again. Since then, his mother is often away for fairly long periods of time due to her occupation, and his father rarely visits him.

Mirai nikki yuki fashion sense

Yukki walks down the hallway with his Diary.

Deus' Game

The series begins with Yukki narrating his life and how he records everything in his life in a cell phone diary from a bystander's point of view. It is later revealed that he has two friends who he believes to be imaginary: Deus Ex Machina, the god of time and space, and his servant, Muru Muru. On this particular day, Deus asks Yukiteru if he would like to "play a game". Yukiteru remains silent, and the next morning he discovers that his diary has gained the ability to predict the future for the next ninety days.

Mirai Nikki - 01 - Large 02

Yukki about to receive his Future Diary.

He then exploits the advantage of being able to predict the future to avoid several school hazards (copying the test answers on his diary) and scores number one on a surprise math test, all with an uncharacteristic air of confidence causing many to view him as a different person. Somewhen later, he saw a clay figure of Muru Muru (his "imaginary friend") made by Yuno Gasai, who appear right after he saw the figure. Loss for words, he ran away, only to see a startling entry in his diary, a "Dead End". He learns that he is to be killed by a serial killer he had heard about earlier on the news and initially believes it to be Yuno who appears to know of the effects of his Future Diary. He runs in fear of being killed but no matter where he goes he can't seem to shake off Yuno. He eventually escapes to an elevator in a building only for Yuno to break in at the last second while at the same time revealing that she too is a Future Diary holder. Yukiteru prepares to attack, but Yuno grabs his wrist, pins him to the elevator wall, and kisses him.

She then reveals to Yukiteru her "Yukki Diary", which simultaneously reveals her obsession of him. She informs him that the true serial killer, Takao Hiyama, was on his way to kill him on the 14th floor and instead sends the elevator to the roof. Yukiteru is scared but Yuno tells him that she has a plan.

Yuno and Yukiteru escape to the roof of the building and lie in wait for the Killer to arrive. As Hiyama checks his Future Diary in confusion, Yukiteru appears and throws a dart with pinpoint accuracy right at the serial killer's "Murder Diary", causing Hiyama to vanish from existence. Following this, he appears before Deus and begins to realize the nature of the "game". Yuno then expresses her desire to protect Yukiteru, which only served to disturb him.

Later, Yukiteru follows Muru Muru to Deus's Cathedral of Causality, where he learns that the god has granted ten other people Future Diaries. The mechanics of the game are finally revealed: the players must eliminate one another to compete for the prize of becoming Deus's successor. Having already killed the Third, Yukiteru (identified as the First) is named as Deus's favored candidate to win; the other diary holders deem him to be the most dangerous among them and resolve to take him out first. However, the Fourth openly declares that he will protect Yukiteru.

Attack of the Ninth

News of Yukiteru's recent rise in academics quickly spreads around the school, catching the attention of a mysterious girl. She innocently asks Yukiteru for directions to a nearby classroom which happens to have been the class taught by his serial killer teacher, the Third. As Yukiteru shakes from the girl's constant interrogating, it grows more and more obvious to her that he is the person she is looking for and she reveals herself to be Minene Uryu, a wanted terrorist and the Ninth diary holder.

Yuno, who had learned of the situation via her Future Diary, attempts to strike Minene from behind using a fire extinguisher, but fails. Minene then reveals that she has filled the school with explosives and Yukiteru's death is to be in three hours. She sets a few off for emphasis and a scared Yukiteru decides to trust Yuno to protect him.

The two then resort to crawling around the school using their Future Diaries to avoid setting off any explosions. It is here that Yukiteru discovers the weakness of his Random Diary - it does not record anything about him except when and where he's going to die. Luckily he is reminded of Yuno's Yukiteru Diary which records every ten minutes of his future. As they approach a nearby classroom Yukiteru is delighted to see some of the students, including Ouji Kosaka, until they race towards him and tackle to the floor, retrieving his cell phone in the process. It is revealed that the Ninth offered the school a deal to capture Yukiteru and bring him before her.

But instead of following through with the deal, Minene merely switches the bombs to motion detection. An angry and upset Yuno decides to take her vengeance on her classmates by racing through the halls setting off as many explosions as she can, shocking Yukiteru and even surprising the Ninth. Just when all looks bleak for Yukiteru, a stranger with a familiar voice arrives.

After Yukiteru is thrown outside by his classmates, Yuno begins to go on the rampage to rescue Yukiteru, blowing up the school in the process. As Yukiteru despairs, Keigo Kurusu, the Fourth diary owner who promised to keep an eye on Yukiteru, arrives to arrest Minene. Kurusu immediately establishes himself as Yukiteru's ally. As Minene makes threats to blow up the school, Yuno leaps out of a window and attempts to take out Minene, but fails. Kurusu tells Yukiteru to pluck up some courage and defeat Minene himself, advising him to hide his fear behind a smile. Yukiteru complies and charges out across the courtyard to reach Minene, unaware of the minefield before him.

Yukiteru grabs his diary on the way, Yuno guiding him safely across the courtyard to avoid the mines. Kurusu and the staff and students of the school support Yukiteru as he is thrown forwards by a detonated mine, charging at Minene. Minene guards her diary causing Yukiteru to miss it all together and instead pierces her left eye with one of his throwing darts. Yuno destroys Minene's bomb equipment, Kurusu walking over and telling Minene to surrender. Minene suddenly leaps up and fires out a smokescreen before making her getaway on a motorcycle, using her Escape Diary.

Shortly after, Kurusu proposes an alliance to Yukiteru and Yuno to find and stop the other diary owners. Yukiteru immediately agrees and convinces Yuno to join the alliance too, although Yuno is in fact thrilled by the "Happy Ending" entry that has appeared on her Future Diary, indicating that she and Yukiteru will "become one" on July 28th.

A couple of days later, Kurusu invites Yukiteru and Yuno to the police station where he asks them to act as bait in the Sakurami City's amusement park to lure out Minene. But Yukiteru finds the "mission" more like a date, and is dragged around by the exhilirated Yuno, but quietly observes her and notes she does have a relatively sweet, normal side to her. Later, the two come across the park's planetarium but Yukiteru falls silent and quickly leaves, much to Yuno's confusion.

By sunset, Yukiteru and Yuno board the ferris wheel and have a compartment to themselves. Yukiteru innocently asks Yuno why she is following him around. Baffled by Yukiteru's answer, Yuno asks why he avoided planetarium, commenting that she thought he wanted to go stargazing. Yukiteru accuses Yuno of reading his diary, but Yuno leaps up and reminds Yukiteru of how they first met. A year ago, the pair were in an after school class with surveys on what they planned for their futures. The blank-faced Yuno approached Yukiteru noting he had not written much and reads how he wishes to go stargazing.

Yukki explained that his parents had recently divorced and the prospect of going stargazing together is now gone. Yukiteru attempted to erase the entry, calling it ridiculous but Yuno stopped him and instead offered to go with him. Yukki told her that they did not even know each other, so Yuno wrote on her survey "I'll become Yukiteru's wife." Yuno offered to marry Yukiteru so they could stargazing, and ever-innocent Yukiteru, believing it to be a joke, goes along with the idea and told Yuno they would when they were older.

Yukiteru is shocked by Yuno's reasoning and asks if she is hiding anything else. Yuno kisses him on the forehead and tells him everything else is a secret. After leaving the park, Yuno invites Yukiteru to her house. Inside, Yukiteru is puzzled by the lack of electricity but Yuno tells him there are always problems. Yuno disappears into the kitchen to prepare a meal, whilst Yukiteru explores the house in search of the bathroom. Following the instructions on his diary, Yukiteru notes a brief entry describing a closed-off door, but not what lies beyond it. Deciding to experiment with altering his future, Yukiteru opens the door, unaware that his actions will have tremendous consequences for the Survival Game. In the Cathedral of Causality, Deus gleefully declares that he was right to choose Yukiteru as a participant as all of the other Future Diaries change in response to the drastic shift in the timeline.

Upon opening the door, Yukiteru found a room painted red with blood, with three mysterious corpses lying on the floor. The mortified Yuno appears behind him, asking why he opened the door as her Happy Ending disappears from her phone. Terrified, Yukiteru flees the house to his home, barricading himself inside, only for Yuno's crazed eyes to appear through the letterbox and she wishes him a good night.

The Sacred Eye Cult

The next day, Kurusu calls on Yuki, revealing Minene has been captured overnight by the Omekata Cult, or "Sacred Eye" Cult, and is being held at their temple. Yukki agrees to go with him but just as he is about to reveal what happened at Yuno's house, Yuno appears out of the car and say that :"It wouldn't be interesting anymore if you say it",forcing him into silence because of fear for his life. After an awkward journey to the temple, the three diary owners gain access into meeting the high priestess of the cult - Tsubaki Kasugano, who reveals herself to be the Sixth diary owner. Yukki panics but Tsubaki explains she has no interest in becoming God due to being his speaker and asks Yukki for his good luck and protection, since she is faced with a Dead End. Yukki agrees.

Later that night, Yukki speaks with Tsubaki who explains the limitations of her diary and warns him that Yuno will only bring him trouble. Ai Mikami and Orin Miyashiro drop off a pair of futons into Tsubaki's chamber, only for them to ignite and burst into flames. Kurusu runs out of turn on the sprinkler system. Funatsu, the cult's second-in-command, runs in asks for someone to put out the fire only for a seemingly zombified member to fuel the fire by throwing petrol at it and then killing Funatsu with an axe to the head. More followers enter, all zombified (hypnotized), and they start murdering each other. The horrified Yukki runs to help Tsubaki, but Yuno tells him not to, having been watching the two all the time with envious eyes.

The two argued and Yukki then accuses Yuno of planning to kill him and hide his corpse, calling her insane. Yuno is reduced to tears as Yukki runs to Tsubaki's aid just as Kurusu turns on the sprinklers. The followers snap out of their rampage when Tsubaki screams at them and she thanks Yukki for his help. The two observe her Clairvoyance Diary and realize its weakness has been compromised and the best option is to flee from the temple. Yukki calls Kurusu who explains he has called for backup, and he supports Yuki's plan to flee.

Yukki helps Tsubaki out of her chamber, just as an axe-wielding Yuno appears and accuses Tsubaki of trying to kill Yuki. As Yukki is arguing, Yuno then swings an axe in Yuki's direction. But she didn't axe Yuki, she was "making sure that the followers are dead". The seemingly dead followers rise, revealed to have been hypnotized to fake their deaths, prompting Yuno to kill more and she challenges Yukki to choose between her and Tsubaki, to live or die. Yukki chooses neither options over another and decided to do both of them and drags Tsubaki out of the prayer room as Yuno pulls him to safety. The three make their escape only to be confronted by the Twelfth diary owner, Yomotsu Hirasaka, who explains Tsubaki's cult is in fact satanic and revolves around rape and fornification but Yukki doesn't believe him. Yomotsu challenges the trio to identify which of his five impersonators (including himself) which is the real Twelfth.

Yuno successfully identifies Yomotsu and kills him, setting off the bomb that he swallowed. It is at this point that Tsubaki reveals she was waiting for Yomotsu to die so she could capture Yukki and Yuno, and kisses Yukki as thanks for defeating Twelfth. Yuno flies into a blind fury and chops off Tsubaki's hand before pushing Yukki over a railing to safety and collapsing from exhaustion. Yukki hides under the temple with his and Yuno's diaries, and reads all of the affectionate entries of Yuno's diary. When Tsubaki calls Yukki through an intercom to force his hand when her followers start planning to rape Yuno, Yukki finds a ball that happened to be Tsubaki's childhood toy and runs into the temple with an axe in hand.

Defending Yuno, Yukki makes up his mind and decides to choose Yuno, much to Tsubaki's anger. Playing on the weakness of Tsubaki's diary, Yukki tosses her ball into the air, causing all of her followers to look at it and negating the powers of her diary. With everyone distracted, Yukki then tosses a throwing dart, piercing Tsubaki's diary as she futilely tries to protect it. With Tsubaki erased from existence, Yuno hugs Yukki as he hides his face, clearly hurt by his own actions.

Later, the police have arrived at the temple. Yukki and Yuno are placed in the back of a police van, where Yukki confirms that Yuno, does in fact, love him after all and kisses her. Yuno's Happy Ending reappears in her diary.

The Fifth's Game

Yukiteru's mother, Rea Amano decides to come for a visit and he picks her up at the train station. When they arrive at home they find one of their windows has been broken. Using his diary Yukki sees that it was done by Yuno. Once inside, he runs up to his room to find Yuno cleaning his room saying she wants to impress his mom so she will bless them. When his mom comes up he shoves Yuno into the closet. Seeing that he and his mom are having a good time Yuno proceeds to try and escape. Not wanting his mom to meet Yuno he shoves his mom out of his room and when he turns around he finds Yuno looking at one of his porn magazines. He grabs it and gets mad at her but then the magazine is grabbed by his mom.

During dinner, he hopes Yuno will lose his mom's favor as she is usually picky about food, but she is instead impressed by her cooking and says that Yuno will make a good wife and all that is left for them is to have sex. She then explains that she will be staying home for three days and looking after a kid of one of her colleagues who committed suicide in the Omekata Cult mass suicide. That night Yuno sleeps on a futon in Yuki's room and asks if he will make a move on her. Yukki says no because he does not love her, but Yuno says with a smile that he will come to love her and according to her diary on July 28 they will "become one", which means they will have sex. He says that he could change the future, but Yuno states that this is the future that she won't even let him change.

The next day the child arrives. He talks with hand puppets and asks "big sister and big brother" their names. It is later revealed that the child is the Fifth diary owner, Reisuke Houjou. All day he tries to kill them and is thwarted by first Yuno on his first two attempts and then Yukiteru on his third. The next day he and Yuno look for Reisuke's diary, actually his drawing pad, the Hyper Vision Diary. Yuno states that it would be easier to kill him but Yukiteru stops her saying it be better to find the diary. He looks in places not listed in the diary as Reisuke taunts them. Later, when he is outside looking Yuno decides to kill Reisuke, and chases him with a hammer, accidentally knocking out Rea in the process, much to Yuki's anger.

She then helps him to find the diary and they are just in time to take it from the delivery man just before Reisuke gets it. Yuno figured when Rea and Reisuke went shopping, Reisuke posted his diary to the house. As Yukki opened the package, it contained poisonous gas, which is released and Yukki inhales it. He is dragged to the bathroom by Yuno who is then challenged to a game of hide-and-seek by Reisuke for the antidote. While they play, Yukiteru checks his diary but it only tells him what is going on in the bathroom. Then he opens the window and takes a deep breath. Hearing the commotion on the stairs, Yukki charges out of the bathroom to Yuno where he gives her air via a kiss and faints again. Yuno kills Reisuke after, and she collapses besides Yuki.

Minene appears, coming on behalf of Kurusu as part of their agreement, and uses the antidote to heal Yukki and Yuno. When Yukki regains consciousness, Minene tells him to abandon Yuno while he still can; otherwise she will be the death of him. Later, Kurusu covers up the events through unknown means whilst Rea was taken to hospital and left shortly after.

The Tenth's Trap

Being enrolled in a new school after Minene's bombing, Yukki makes it his goal to make one-hundred friends. He's accompanied by Yuno who remarks it is better they do not use their diaries, lest they risk attracting attention of other users like Minene. During the walk to the school, Yukki notices a boy staring at him, before disappearing.

At his new class he reunites with Kosaka, who promises to make his life a living hell, but is stopped by Hinata Hino and Mao Nonosaka, with the former presenting herself, just as Yukki tries to greet her, he falls and accidentally pulls down her pants, prompting Mao to take a photo, ending with a comical beating from Hinata. They later have a friendly talk regarding a series of brutal murders, and a boy who skipped class, Aru Akise, who is known to be an eccentric boy who seeks to be a detective, and they decide to hang out and check one of the crime scenes.

Yuno waits for Yuki, but is surprised to see him with friends, which she dislikes. Yuno tries to tell Yukki that they are not trustworthy and that he only needs her, but Yukki thinks she is overreacting. They go to a park, and play around, with Yuno staying in the background visibly disturbed (to the point of writing "die" on the ground several times).

They arrive at a lookout point, and Hinata runs off. Yukki soon predicts she has been attacked, and the group find her corpse along with a pack of hounds, just as Akise appears and guides them to a building nearby with the dogs in pursuit. They are trapped as Akise explains he has been investigating Yukki since he is related to mysterious events, namely the battles against the other Diary Users, and the dogs try to break through the windows. Yuno suggests to Yukki they should use the others as bait while the two of them run away. Yukki refuses and revealing his power to see the future and demonstrates the use of his diary, this quickly makes even the distrustful Kosaka to follow Yuki's instruction of which window to block, which eventually makes the dogs tire and flee.

After a brief celebration, Mao holds Yukki at knife-range while she takes his phone giving it to Hinata who appears alive and unharmed, revealing herself as an apparent diary holder, and she targets Akise who she believes another User. Hinata reveals she used a fake body to trick them and that her father is the true owner of the Breeder Diary, which allows her to control dogs. She wants to kill Akise because he has been targeting her father for the serial murders. Akise then challenges Hinata to a coin-guess game with the hands with his Diary on the line. While initially distrustful Hinata accepts as with Yuki's diary she can easily predict the result. However she fails twice in a row (one as a warm up and one as a real bet) forcing her to return Yukki to them.

Yuno discovers Akise is tricking them as his Diary is not making the signature sound as the other diaries, therefore he is lying. He admits this is true and that he is a normal human, but before Yuno kills him, he quickly releases himself and puts his life as bargain. Hinata tries once more, but before that Akise instructs Yuno to cover Yuki's ears. Hinata loses once more not understanding why she lost. Akise explains that it is because the Random Diary predicts what Yukki believes to be true instead of the real future, therefore the game was completely legit. Mao nonetheless tries to break Yuki's diary but Yuno stabs her, as she recovers the diary.

Everybody except Mao and Hinata leave, with Hinata sending orders to the dogs to kill them. Yukki decides he cannot leave Hinata and Mao, and wants to help them, with the dogs behind them, they decide that Yukki will go for Hinata while the rest lure the dogs away. However Yuno tricks them and goes with Yuki, who seeing he will not go back, decides to stab an incoming dog. The two soon reach Hinata, with Yuno quickly holding her at knife-point. Yukki tries to pacify her as Kosaka and Akise return, but Yuno claims that she will kill anybody she believes will take Yukki from her. Seeing this, Yukki decides to say to Yuno that she is not his friend, but quickly announces that she is his girlfriend to everybody which greatly shocks and embarrasses her.

Yukki demands to Yuno that since she is his girlfriend, she must acknowledge his friends or he will dislike her, Yuno agrees and releases Hinata who is thankful of Yuki. Yukki realises the enormity of what he has just said and cannot take back the claim. Hinata is contacted by her father Karyuudo Tsukishima who tells her she did well but reveals his promise to rewind time and be a better father was a lie to motivate Hinata, telling her to not grow up to be a bad person like he was. He tells Yukki to be careful of the diary owners, particularly the ones who act nice around him, just as Kurusu appears behind him and shoots him dead, the gunshot heard over the phone. However, Yukki does not seem to acknowledge Kurusu's involvement.

The Fourth's Betrayal

Yukki embraces his friendship with Akise who invites him to go see a movie together. However, while waiting at a bus stop, Yuno appears and drags Yukki onto a bus. Yuno reveals a text she received from Akise, explaining there is a wedding exhibition for young couples and claimed Yukki wanted to invite Yuno but was too sheepish to do it. Yukki freaks out after realising they have been set up, although Yuno is thrilled with the idea. The two actually have an enjoyable time at the exhibition, and stage a wedding ceremony in which Yukki is stunned by Yuno's appearance in a wedding dress, although he continues to be troubled by what he saw in Yuno's house. Later, Yukki thanks the woman who has been their guide throughout the day and realises she is Naoko Kurusu, Kurusu' wife. Yukki later carries the tired Yuno home, and finds Akise waiting for them. Akise explains he has found a seemingly bottomless hole at the back of the house, where the room with the corpses used to be. Yukki asks Yuno for answers but she blankly states that Yukki has never been to her house before. Yukki and Akise leave, but the latter warns Yukki that Yuno is using him as an emotional support.

Several days later, Yukki and Yuno are taken to the police station by Masumi Nishijima to speak with Kurusu regarding the events with Tenth. Yuno begins to panic, and looks about for weapons, but Yukki calms her down and is escorted to an interrogation room where Kurusu sits. Kurusu talks with Yukki for a moment, before dropping the charade of trying to act normal and aims a gun at Yuki's head and offers a game of Russian roulette. Yukki panics as Kurusu aims the gun back and forth, explaining their alliance is no more and he intends to become God. Yuno bursts in, having seen Yuki's Dead End and shoots Kurusu, shooting off one of his ears and injuring him. Nishijima appears and is forced to be their hostage as Yukki and Yuno race for the roof. Kurusu recovers and speaks over an intercom, telling the station staff to catch Yukki and Yuno. Several officers confront Yukki and Yuno on a staircase. Yukki panics, aiming a gun at a policeman and shoots him in the stomach. Realising what he has done, Yukki thought the policeman would wear a bulletproof vest like Kurusu did. Yukki and Yuno run to the roof and stand on the edge. Yukki apologises to Yuno for his cowardice, but Yuno kisses him, before they both fall off the roof. Nishijima runs to the edge but sees the two survived the fall, having hit the roof of a truck and go on the run.

Now condemned fugitives by the police, Yukki and Yuno hide out in a store house next to Sakurami Hospital where Yukki recalls why his parents split up, due to his father's debt issues. Yuno intends to keep her promise to Yukki to go stargazing with him. The two spot Naoko Kurusu walking by on her way into hospital. Curious as to why she is there, Yukki and Yuno follow her through the building. Yuno runs on ahead, only for Yuki's diary to go off, and part of the hallway explodes. Minene appears, dressed as a nurse, and is revealed to be working undercover at the hospital. Yukki accidentally sets off one of Minene's bombs, trapping them in the middle of the floor with two holes between them. The two agree to form an alliance to escape their predicament, Yuno passing a ladder across to aid them. Kurusu telephones Minene, and asks if she is sticking to their alliance or is she planning to betray him. Unlucky for her, Yukki kept on yelling that she will betray her until Kurusu threatens to kill her. Minene screams down the phone and officially ends their alliance.

Knowing Kurusu and the police will come after them, Minene forms an alliance with Yukki and Yuno to make their stand. Planning to use her trump card, Minene takes the two to a hospital room, revealing Kurusu' terminally ill son Yoi Kurusu. Minene quickly takes Naoko and Yoi prisoner and explains Yoi dying of a heart condition which Kurusu only recently learned of and asked Minene to protect him should he become a target for the other diary owners. Yukki is not enthusiastic about fighting Kurusu, but Minene tells him to man up and gives him a handgun and a flash grenade. Outside, Kurusu, Nishijima and other police officers arrive, with Kurusu hellbent on rescuing his family and killing the other diary owners.

Minene attempts to negotiate with Kurusu, but he ignores her demands and sends in a SWAT team to arrest and kill the diary owners. Yuki, who is patrolling the hall outside Yoi's room, is called by Yuno, who tells him to run. The officers quickly apprehend Yuki, who panics that Kurusu will murder him. Yuno and Kurusu both charge down the hall, Kurusu reaching Yukki first and holds him at gunpoint, whilst Yuno threatens to trigger the grenade. Kurusu agrees to release Yuki, allowing him to take five steps back so Yuno and he can lower their weapons. However, Yuno suddenly leaps at Kurusu, intending to blow herself and him up with the grenade. Yukki objects, telling Yuno he does not want her to die and wishes to see the stars with her. Yuno pulls the grenade's pin, but instead of exploding it releases a blinding white light, actually a flash grenade which only stuns people, Minene knowing Yukki would not be able to handle a real grenade.

Rescue Operation

Being a couple, Yukki and Yuno would plan a trip where both of them would disappear for several days. Yuno on her desperation of being tagged by Akise and have her Happy End ruined decides to secretly kidnap Yukki and have him secluded so the two of them can be happy in the end.

Yuki's friends Hinata, Mao and Kousaka would be enlisted to help by Akise and Nishijima, as Yuno has hidden in an old residential area full of hotels some of them owned by her parents, and Yuki's friends would not alert her as much as the police. Yuno discovers that they are tagging her and eventually tricks Hinata into thinking Yukki escaped and sent a message asking for her, Hinata does arrive but Yuno attacks her and had her tied up. She uses the same trick to lure the rest of them, using a mannequin of Yukki to trap them in a room and bury them in concrete (gas in the anime). Yuno almost naked, tries to feed a barely conscious Yukki while Hinata confronts her about what she is doing, Yuno believing Yukki is content. She is interrupted by Akise who claims to Yuno he wants to negotiate with her and blackmails her with the corpses found at her home, planning to tell the police about them and asks her about the third corpse's identity.

Yuno is at first enraged that Akise would defile her parents' corpses, but goes silent after hearing of the third one. She then bursts in hysterical laughter, repressing her memories in a fit of despair, while madly talking to Yukki that they are "weird people" and cuts communications. Eventually thanks to Kosaka he is be able to use the ventilation shaft and sneak into the control room where Yukki and Hinata are confined. Yuno, not knowing who Kosaka is, expresses shock that he has a Diary. Listening to his explanation, she deduces Kosaka is not very smart and tricks him into giving him the key to the control room and later that of Yuki's.

Throwing him the first key, Yuno uses the chance to pull out a crossbow while Kosaka frees Mao and Akise. Yuno coldly shoots him in the leg whilst pointing out his failure, however, before she can kill him, Yukki is freed by Hinata. Snatching the crossbow from Yuno, Yukki slaps her and stops her, saving Kosaka and freeing Hinata in the process. Seeing Yukki leaving with his friends, Yuno desperately tries to call out to him, however, an enraged Yukki tells her to go to hell. Sad and alone Yuno resolves that Yukki is not safe without her and goes after him.

The Sevenths' Battle of Love

Yukiteru receives a message from Deus explaining apprentice diaries and goes over the information with Aru, Kosaka, Hinata and Mao. The four agree to help him and Yuki's diary tells him that in three days 3 apprentice diary holders attack his house. After getting home, he discovers that Yuna had been there and had helped him mother prepare dinner before he arrived.

The next day he and his friends along with Nishijima go to Kosaka's home. Aru's plan is to lure the apprentice diary holders onto the premises and then sabotage the nearby radio tower to disable their diaries. Yuki gets an alert on his phone that the apprentice diary holders have entered the mansion, but before they can disable the tower, Yuno cuts the power, forcing Kosaka and Aru to leave and shut it do manually. Yuki, Yuno, Hinata and Mao are cornered by Marco Ikusaba and Ai Mikami. Yuki and Yuno are able to escape to the attic, at the cost of leaving Hinata and Mao behind, and Yuno agrees to untie Yuno, knowing he cant beat them on his own. Marco and Ai manage to break into the attic, but Yuno keeps Yuki safe. Aru manages to disable the tower, rendering Ai and Marco's apprentice diaries useless; however, the quickly reveal themselves to be seventh, abandoning their apprentice diaries for their exchange diaries. Yuno manages to force the two to retreat, but their comrade sets the building on fire. Before Yuki and Yuno can escape, Ai and Marco confront them while the area aroufd them is covered in flames. Yuki manages to overpower Ai, but before she can deliver the fatal blow, Marco jumps through the fire and takes it for her, giving Ai and opportunity to through a knife at Yuno. When the fire dies out, Yuno is barely conscious on the floor and Marco angrily grabs Yuki's collar, asking why he didn't try to help Yuno despite their relationship. Yuki frightened admits that Yuno said it was okay to use her. This infuriates Marco even further, causing him to toss Yukiteru down the stair before taking his and Yuno's diaries.

The fire department arrive quickly and everyone was taken to the hospital. While Yuki is speaking to Aru and Nakajima, Menine comes in posing as a nurse. Menine makes Yuki do pushups with her on his back ans states that she will take over Yukiteru's recovery, leading Yuki to wonder what deal she and Nakajima have in place. After Nakajima and Aru leave, Menine explains that her plan is to have Yukiteru be the one to take seventh out and that he should continue with his pushups. Kurou Amano walks in and is suprised to see Yuki on the ground with a girl on top of him, even asking her to do the same to him, leading Yuki Menine to both quickly become exhausted by his father's behavior. After things calm down, Yukiteru thanks his dad for coming and wonders if his parents will ever bury the hatchet. When Kurou states that he will do whatever he needs to to help Yuki through rehab, Yukiteru voices that he would like for him to get back together with mom and how he would like to go stargazing as a family. Kurou agrees to talk to Rea if Yukiteru does netter then him with Menine's conditioning. Yukiteru wins at both pulls up and grip stength, but Kurou and Minene both pretend that Kurou is doing better. When Yuki confronts Minene, she explains that this is really about bonding with his father and Yuki has some fun. Before the last competition, Kurou asks if Yuki knows why he and Rea got divorced and explains that he is terrible with money and currently 3,000,000 yen in debt. This revelation causes Yuki to realize that his parents are over as a couple as he had assumed that they had broken up over something minor. Minene tells him he needs to be patient and try to get his dad to see things from his perspective. this gives Yuki renews morale. At the end of the race, instead of his father, Yuki finds a note explaining that something came up and he needed to go and that he might have found a way to deal with his money troubles.

The next day, Yuno and his dad are watching a news segment about the police searching an orphanage for Marco and Ai. Yuno walks into the room with a knife, forcing Yuki to quickly escort her out before Kurou realizes what she was going to do. Yuno then attempt to poison Kurou's tea, but again Yuki stops her leading her to aske who she trusts more, her of his father and explains that she thinks he's working with eleventh and explains that she saw him looking through Yuki's things for his phone, but Yuki refuses to believe it. Before the conversation can continue, Yuno is called to answer a phone in reception. when Yuno returns, she explains that the call was from Marco and Ai who want her and Yuno to escort Kurou to Sakagami tower.

While in the tower's elevator, Yuki tells yuno not to give up his dad, but she remains steadfast. Yuki commits himself to protect his dad. After reaching the tope, they fins Ai and MArco in a makesshift wedding ceremony and when Kurou confront Marco, he is quickly punched and left on the floor. Marco then states that he wants Yuki to try and take him one on wone to figure out what kind of person he is. Yuki attempts to fight, but is quickly grabbed and choked out before being though accross the room. yukiteru then sees his dad get up and walk to the phones and brake yuki's, much to his horror. However, yuki is suprised that he doesn't die and Yunoknocks the buqitte out of Ai's hands, revealing that thre phone Kurou just destroyed was a fake and Ai was holding the real ones in the boquitte. Kurou then tries to get Yuki to give him the phone, and Yukilizes that Kurou really doesnt knowthat itst tied to his life. An explosion rocks the building and a voice on the intercom explains that because MArco and Ai are taking so long, they are going with plan B. the ground arounf yuki crumbles and and Yuki falls down the hole. As he falls, both Kurou and yuno reach for him, and he ends up grabbing yuno's hand, showing that he trust her more. Yukiteru, still shocked by the fact that his dad would lie to him like that, follows after the sevents, who have taken his dad to the roof. While going up, Yuno explains that they lost last time because it was 2 against one and yukiteru commits himself to working with Yuno.

When the sevenths reach the roof, Yuno is there waiting for them. Yuki comes in over the intercoms and explains that the only reason Yuno lost was because she was trying to keep him safe. After the sevenths incapacitate Yuno, while Marco looks for Yuki in the P.A. rooms, Yuki comes up from the lower floor, revealing that they had tricked them with Yuno's fake phone from earlier. Yuno tries to throw a dart at Ai's phone, but misses thanks to Marco's warning. However, Yuno manages to use the distraction to slice Ai's throat. While Yuki admonishes her for not just taking the diary, Kurou grabs the parachute and runs away, jumping out of the building. Yuki and Yuno become trapped under rubble, ans Ai, revealing she still alive, tells them that Marco will escape and his diary will tell him that she'd die anyway. Yuno decides to star flaying her so Marco tries to save her, but Marco already begins trying to break through the rubble before she can. Yuno tries to admonish Yuno's violence again, but Marco calls Yuki out for letting Yuno do all the dirty work while complaining about her methods. He then calls out Yuno for claiming to protect Yuno while trying yo control him and tells them they should work together. When he manages to move the rubble, its reveal that Marco was already impaled on a pipe. Yuki realizing that they could escape if all three of them moved the rubble, asks Yuno if she really loves him or is just crazy and the three of them work together to make an opening to escape. After Ai dies from blood loss, Marco gives Yuki the last parachute and he and Yuno escape the building. while parachuting down, Yuki explains that he wants to have a serious talk with his parents about their relationship and that he wants her help. Upon landing, he and Yuno are stopped by Nishijima and while Nishijima tries to tell him what happened, Yuno, seeing his mother's body being wheeled into an ambulance doesn't hear him. Yuki then checks his phone, confirming that his mom is dead.

The Eleventh's Kingdom

After his father was murdered by mercenaries sent by John Bacchus, Yukiteru grabbed the knife that was thrown into his father's chest and brutally stabbed a mercenary. Using his Random Diary, he managed to incapacitate one of the mercenaries and used another as a human shield while a gun was fired at him. The final mercenary was killed by a slash through the throat, courtesy of Yuno. He collapsed onto the ground and weeped for his dead father. Yuno sat with him by the ground and, after a brief conversation, he held a knife at Yuno's neck, intending to kill her and become god. His resolve faltered as Yuno kissed him and said that she could die any time, at which point his knife dropped to the ground and he began to sob uncontrollably into the air, all while Deus watched from his Cathedral of Causality, the right side of his face crumbling.

Initially, Yukki and Yuno do not show up at a meeting between the Diary owners. This leads to Deus nearly expelling them from the game and erasing them from existence, but they show up at the last possible second, Yukki bearing an arrogant demeanor with his arm wrapped around Yuno. He announces the Eleventh Diary owner's identity as the mayor of Sakurami City, shocking the people present. With a laugh, he explains that he has been sitting for five days at the lobby of the city hall, gathering data. He noticed that the Eighth's orphanage had only been closed due to the mayor's interference and concluded that the Eleventh was none other than John Bacchus.

After the meeting ends, he appears in an apartment room, conversing with Yuno and revealing that he had been acting upon a script written by Yuno. He praises Yuno, which flatters her and they continue to discuss, this time about the Eleventh's plan. They talk of their own plan, which involves getting the Eighth to join them and form an alliance. Yukki looks skeptic, asking if he can pull off such a stunt. Yuno jumps on top of him and says that she won't forgive him unless he kills all the Diary owners and become God.

Yukki is later seen on a cliff side, now allied with the Eighth, Kamado. Their plan is to attack John Bacchus while he is en route. During a rest after the planning stage, Yukki is offered a riceball by Kamado's orphans, learning that Kamado does not intend to become God, but her orphans wish her to. Yuno signals to Yukki that John Bacchus' car has arrived, and the plan is set in motion. The orphans begin to attack the car, but Bacchus deployed a signal jamming device to disable their Apprentice Diaries. Yukki and Yuno used the opportunity to turn on the orphans, slaughtering them en masse before targeting Kamado and Bacchus.

Kamado escapes with John Bacchus and Yukki follows them in a car. He hands his phone to Yuno, who, aghast, learns that Akise intends to appear and tell everyone the identity of the third body buried in her backyard. She leans out the window and shoots at the car, which evades every shot, Bacchus himself evading a shot to the head through his Watcher Diary. Yukki resorts to ramming John's car, knocking both vehicles off the highway.

Akise, as predicted, arrived alongside Minene. He throws Yukki the second world's Yuno Gasai's umbilical cord and revealed that it was a perfect match with the corpse in the backyard. A desperate Yuno screams at Yukki to not trust them and pleads that she is Yuno. Yukki steps back from her in a state of disbelief.

The End Begins

Following John's defeat, Yukki and Yuno make plans to hunt down Kamado, the only remaining Diary holder aside from themselves. While searching for the Eighth, they are confronted by Aru, who asks to speak with Yukki alone. Yuno attempts to kill him, only to have her attacks countered effortlessly; to her and Yuki's surprise, Aru reveals his new Detective Diary, an Apprentice Diary which lets him read the entries and futures of other Diary holders. At Yuno's insistence, Yukki leaves her to battle Aru while he continues hunting Kamado.

Armed with a revolver, Yukki eventually finds Kamado near a ruined building, guarded by Hinata, Mao, and Kosaka. His friends try to talk him out of killing the Eighth, shaking his resolve despite his belief that he has to win the Survival Game in order to bring back everyone who died during it. Before he can make a definitive decision, he receives a hysterical call from Yuno, claiming that his friends intend to betray him at Aru's behest. Checking his diary, Yukki sees an entry confirming that Yuno was recently stabbed by Aru, unaware that Yuno had actually stabbed herself in order to force Aru's hand and overcome the prediction in his Detective Diary.

With renewed suspicion in his heart, Yukki confronts Hinata with the apparent betrayal, dismissing her pleas of innocence by citing the predictions in his Observance Diary. Consumed by paranoia, he shoots first Hinata, then Mao; Kosaka manages to grab him and throw a scathing condemnation in his face before he is shot to death in turn. Shaken by his murders, Yukki nonetheless prepares to do the same to Kamado, only to be distracted by Aru's arrival. With his revolver out of ammo, the First can only brandish his gun as an empty threat as Aru confronts him with the truth he learned from Deus himself: a god can revive the bodies of the dead, but not their souls. He continues to deny the former Observer's claims that Yuno is only using him on her own quest to become god, but Yuno's arrival distracts him long enough for Aru to catch him in a heartfelt kiss, announcing his intent to ensure a future where Yukki survives before jumping down to confront the infuriated Yuno.

From his vantage point, Yukki can only shout warnings to Yuno as Aru destroys her diary - to his surprise, the Second keeps going and slashes her enemy's throat. She explains that she presented a fake diary for Aru to destroy before encouraging Yukki to finish off Kamado; accordingly, Yukki finds the Eighth trapped under some collapsed debris nearby. He is taken aback by Kamado's calm acceptance of her imminent demise (quickly granted by Yuno), silently accepting her final wish for a world where children can live in peace. Before he and Yuno can properly consider their next move as the final participants of the Survival Game, they see Aru staggering towards them, typing a message on his phone. Despite Yuki's wishes, Yuno swiftly decapitates Aru; however, his body continues moving, slowly raising his phone so Yukki can see the screen. The First Diary holder has a second to read the message typed on the phone before Yuno destroys it and Aru collapses.

Final Battle

On July 27, Yukki realizes that he genuinely loves Yuno despite everything. That evening, he reciprocates her advances and they sleep together, fulfilling the Yukiteru Diary's predicted "Happy End" one day ahead of schedule. Afterwards, however, Yukki asks Yuno about the final message Aru showed him; a message claiming that Yuno had been killed and replaced by a version of herself from another timeline. To his great shock, Yuno responds by attempting to murder him with an axe; however, Muru Muru appears and shows him a vision of the past that confirms Aru's claims.

After Yukki understands the game that Muru Muru was making, he follows her and Yuno to the new world with the help of Minene. Finding himself in a timeline prior to the beginning of the Survival Game, he decides to protect the third world Yuno at all costs, even if it meant altering the timelines. The first world Yuno finds them and makes a deadly combat with Yuki; despite his phone predicting a "Dead End" from Yuno, Yukki continues fighting in order to protect both Yunos. While unable to defeat Yuno, he succeeds in reminding her that she truly does love him, leaving her unable to kill him. Instead, Yuno locks him up in an illusionary world where Yukki gets everything he wanted, but Yuno does not exist. Feeling that something is missing despite his altered memories, Yukki shouts Yuno's name and breaks the sphere; to his surprise, he frees not only himself, but also the Muru Muru of the 2nd world.

Meanwhile, as Yuno is about to kill her third world counterpart, she decides to share a brief summary of the horror that awaits her. The third world Yuno disapproved, saying that her mother is simply sick and her dad's just busy, much to her first world counterpart's shock. First world Yuno then realized that she too used to have hope for her family to reform itself and remembered what Yukki said: "I will save you, even if that meant changing the future". Yuno thanked Yukki for saving her as the First arrives and declares his love for Yuno. He asks her to kill him and become the god of the 2nd world, but Yuno stabs herself instead, saying that she can't kill Yuki, nor can he kill her. A heartbroken Yukki can only exchange a final kiss with Yuno before she passes away in his arms. With Yuno dead, Yukki was declared the winner of the Second Survival Game, being returned to the 2nd world and granted Deus's powers as the God of Time and Space.

Yuno and Yuuki reunited and creating a new world together

Yuno and Yuuki are reunited creating a new world together

Despite his newfound power, Yukki is unable to move on from the death of Yuno, knowing that he can't revive her as she was. He spends the next 10,000 years simply floating in the void that used to be his world, staring at the final entry in his diary that confirms Yuno's suicide. Muru Muru, bored with things being the same for so long, asks Yukki to create something with his god powers, but Yukki simply replies that a world without Yuno is meaningless. Suddenly, he notices a change in his diary; the final entry has changed from "Yuno committed suicide" to "Yuno came to visit." Moments later, Yuno herself breaks through the barrier between the third and second worlds, revealing that the first world's Muru Muru was able to imbue her memories and consciousness into her third world counterpart. Amazed and overjoyed to see his beloved restored, Yukki joins Yuno in creating a new world together.


The Yukiteru of the third world was seen briefly when Yuno glances at the restaurant window. He is seen hanging out with his parents and Moe. Third world Yukiteru never got to meet third world Yuno as they were sent to different schools after the incident.

Second World Yukiteru gets reunited with Yuno after Yuno entered the Akashic Records in which the gods live, and then regains the memories of her 1st world self through the Muru Muru of the 1st world.

The second world's Yukki was still in a miserable state, but suddenly his future diary erased the entry claiming that, "Yuno commited suicide", and wrote, "Yuno came to visit." Yuno, now having her memories finally restored, shattered the barrier of time and space with a hammer and reunites with her beloved Yuki. Soon after, Deus of the third world proclaims Yuno and Yukki his dual heirs. The two then finally fulfill their promise to go stargazing together.


Yukiteru, Yuno and 7 Murumurus.


  • Yukiteru’s last name is written by two Kanji: Ama (天) and no (野), it means "heavens' field".
  • His first name is written by two Kanji Yuki (雪) and teru (輝), means "glowing snow".
  • Yukiteru's first name is based on Jupiter, the Roman god of the sky, thunder and lightning, and leader of the Capitoline Triad (Jupiter, Juno and Minerva). Accordingly, Yuki's main allies among the Diary Holders are Yuno (who represents Juno) and Minene (who represents Minerva); his skill with throwing darts could also be a reference to Jupiter's thunderbolts.
    • Jupiter is also considered to be the King of the Gods, fitting with Yukki being Deus' eventual successor in the Second World.
  • It has been said Yuki's birthday is in early May.
  • Out of all of the diary holders, Yukki has the largest number of alliances in the series, forming alliances with Yuno, Kurusu, Tsubaki, Minene, Marco and Ai (briefly), Kamado, and his own friends Akise, Hinata, Mao and Kosaka.
    • He also has the second highest kill count among the Diary Holders (only behind Yuno), having killed Hiyama, Tsubaki, Hinata, Mao, and Kosaka. He also damaged Minene's eye, shot Kurusu, and directly contributed to Ai's death at Yuno's hand.
  • Yuki's theme song is called "You Are the Leading Role of Your Life, So Puff Out Your Chest and Walk ", sung by his voice actor Misuzu Togashi. He and Yuno share a second theme song called "My Wish Lives in the Future ".
  • His likeness is used for the protagonist of another of Sakae Esuno's works, Big Order.
  • According to the manga, Yukiteru and Yuno reign as the joint gods of time and space for four more incarnations of the world.
  • In the Japanese dub of the anime, Aru's voice is deeper than Yuki's. However, this is reversed in the English dub.
  • In the English dub of the anime, to give a sense that it has been a long time since Yukki became a god, his voice is deeper at the end of the series.
  • Yukki has some similarities to Shinji Ikari from the Neon Genesis Evangelion series.


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