• I write this as an administrator of another wikia to notify that the user Anamisamoon ┬áhas been doing vandalism in other Wikias, so would advise you to check the information she has edited in your wikia and corroborate whether this is correct or not.

    I hope the damage in your Wikia is not too big.

    PD: Please excuse my bad English


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    • no problem on your english, its certainly passable.

      all of their edits, while not technically vandalism, i have undone after they were done a while ago.

      the majority of their edits were changing heights from 170 cm to 1.7 cm etc, which at the time i had just assumed they meant metres and undone.

      either way thanks for the heads up, doesnt seem like there was any permenant or not damage!


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    • A FANDOM user
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