• Hello Shruk~!

    I'm not the best at coding or anything, but if you don't mind, I would love to do some work on the 'Future Diary' Wikia..?  Such as like, the episode rundowns, etcetc, and things such like that...  Would that be alright with you if I did that...? -pleading eyes-

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    • the amazing thing about wikia is that everything is open source lmao!, i cant tell you not too my job is simply to make sure your edits are good c:!

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    • So, like, I can go and re-watch the series and then come here and do a rundown on each episode?! 8D -glee!-  I could do a small piece at the top, like an opening (non-spoiler), and then I could put a spoiler thingy and do a larger rundown of the episode, and then do some other stuff, like who's in it, and link to each character, the little end-episode with Mur Mur and stuff 8D -omg so excited-

      Should... I have you on my Skype-chat or something so I can discuss what's up or stuff...? owo -tailwag-

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    • yeah sure, my skype is bloopmaster14 lmao, as for formatting just follow whatever format is on previous episodes, since anyone looking for an episode overview is probably aware it has spoilers

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