• I was pondering, would you agree to removing the column with "English airdate"?

    As it has yet to be filed in and, in my opinion, it doesn't actually give usefull information.

    Also, I just added the "Summary" section to all episode pages left without one. I was thinking, would it be benevolent to also add the "Image Gallery" section to each of them? (They are to be completed at  later time, but due to me not having seen the series for some time, it may take a while xd)

    If there is anything you think should be done different, please don't hesitate to contact me ;) (Though I may not look on the wikia each day due to business elsewhere.)



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    • Since if you read my message I highlighted on the wiki I'm currently on vacation however if you want to I'm okay with that since its not extremely useful info as of now, you can also add a image gallery too each of them however again because of vacation restrictions and how much I can do currently that would be left up too you, although it would be preferable of you at least had something to add before for something slightly unrelated.. If you decide to edit pages for important such as character pages please note that all info is put in order of when you discover it too help avoid people from getting just keep that in mind thanks!

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