• Hey, so im not sure who the owner of this wiki is so ill probably just post this on a few walls but heres basically the thing.

    My favorite thing to do is adopt wikis, Generally anime or gamings related ones and take over adminning much more actively (you can see places i do adminning at or (im currently still adopting the latter and should have it in a day or two hence why its still a bit messy)

    but anyways since i like to completely revamp wikis i always like to check with how the admins feel about this even if they currently are not very active, the reason i bother mentioning this to you, besides to make sure your comfortable with it although personally me and my communitys know im trustworthy is that since to be elligible to adopt a wiki im gunna have to do some extreme editing/ good edits to the wiki to show that im a good member + ill have to wait a month because im currently adopting the joshiraku wiki as mentioned before.

    so that being said if your okay with me adopting the wiki please let me know, ill give you 3 days to respond before i touch anything and a week to respond before i change anything major and decide that im going to have to go for adoption anyway if i dont get a reply, of course i dont want to do this i always like to get the admins opinion but if i get no response i still have a great interest in adopting.

    finally (please keep in mind this is only something you CAN do not something im forcing you too) if you feel the wiki could use extra help and feel you can trust me enough you also have the ability to promote me yourself to Admin and Bureaucrat however i realise that not everyone is comfortable with this for one reason or another so i ask at the very least you give me your yes or no on me adopting the wiki!


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    • alright, so from the lack of a reply im going to assume that either none of you are actually the founder and this wikia was previously adopted and the founder removed henceforth removing the ability for anyone to get email notifications.

      ill also assume because its been so long since the last login of any admins that i probably wont be getting a reply before the weeks done, but you know what they say about assume right :)?

      im honestly hoping that i do get a reply for the reasons of that 1. i can get all the admin opinions since its not fair to adopt a wiki if simply noone wants the help or they feel it doesnt need it and 2. while i did state it certainly wasnt neccassary and once again im aware it doesnt always sit right with admins it would make my job a lot easier to be promoted by an admin instead of having the wait the full month to adopt another wiki, considering they are the same thing and that way i can garuntee none of your ranks will be lost

      however im aware that you may still not fully trust me and i respect your opinion should you want me to go the long way and adopted the wiki.

      this message is honestly (since its been over a month since any of you have logged in according the statistics) just me stating that ill start making edits now in preperation for if/when i adopt


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    • To Shruk. Future Diary Wiki is still running a smooth course, and while we admins don't check it often, it still is in good conditions. Any messages about the wiki are sent to my inbox. However, if you are willing to aid in improving Future Diary Wiki, it would be greatly appreciated. I assume you are knowledgable of the series?

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    • Yes I've since been promoted too "owner* by masterlau although I assume you've read the other reply I gave you saying that I only took on the name owner so that people have somewhere to go for reliable and quick assistance.. As for the we admins don't check often much thing well...your actually the only one left tbh...I've hired my own admin but..well, masterlau stepped down giving me ownership of the wiki (once again not a dictator its just a useless title) the other admin who's name I can't remember doesn't want to work on the wiki anymore and nommehzombies account has since been deactivated so really your the only one left..and I'm glad if you want to stay but I don't expect you too be very active and once my vacation is over I plan to overhaul the wiki (not removing information of course I mean in terms of visual appeal for now) and fix a lot errors..and yes im very knowledgeable on the series..get back to me

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    • I am not going anywhere and will help out should you need it. I'm pretty knowledgable of the series, so if you need any help on unsure story elements let me know. I am still around since I usually visit various wikis every day and have notifications if I get any messages. I am here to help.

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    • Alright :), well as I see it the only info the wiki is missing urgently is episode overviews so I think the real thing the wiki needs is too build a community because once a wiki builds a community its fairly self sustaining...but this won't be easy since as popular as the anime is..its old enough that people only really want to view the info not its a real hit or miss thing but we'll see what happens :), so yeh feel free to contribute especially for community based things. Good to have ya!

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