The Story of Minene Uryu and Aru Akise's Meeting is the fifth and last chapter featured in the Future Diary: Mosaic spin-off manga.


In the fifth and last chapter Minene meets Aru Akise, who helps her despite knowing who she really is. The chapter begins with Minene starving in a tent by the Sakurami City River. She meets Aru, who reveals that he's advertising for the Miss Sakurami Pageant at an upcoming festival. Minene reluctantly agrees to participate because she wants the 10,000 yen prize. Aru secretly deduces that she is a terrorist.

The other participants in the pageant are Hinata Hino, Ai Mikami, Kamado Ueshita, Yuki's mother Rea Amano, Mao Nonosaka and Orin Miyashiro. Instead of judging who is the most pretty, the contest is about throwing darts, solving a puzzle and arm wrestling. Minene wins the contests by cheating her way out, but she flees before she can receive her prize. Later on, Aru goes to the starving Minene and brings her food that the shop owners sent her for brightening the festival and the contest.

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