Error on Yomotsu's page

There's a bit of an error...

Wow first time actually doing anything on a wiki...anyway in the Trivia section it mentions how 12th appears in the first ending credits next to a hospital bed. That's not him; that's 4th next to his sick son. 12th appears at the end, in a room filled with speakers and a picture of a team resembling Super Sentai on his computer screen. If you'll notice, during the first credits, the holders actually appear in numerical order, except for 9th and 10th, who were reversed for some reason (just a mistake, most likely). After you see 3rd in an alley, you see 4th next to the hospital bed, then 5th with his dead parents, and so on, until 12th appears in what we can only assume to be his room. Not a grave error, but it might give some people an idea about a backstory 12th doesn't have.

Last Requiem (talk) 23:36, February 5, 2014 (UTC)Last Requiem