A small but important issue. Edit

Well guys, it seems that there is a lil mistake in the translation from the manga. Because I translated his surname, and also phonetically speaking, but end in "Bacchus" instead of "Balks". Since Bacchus is the name he's based on, I bring the need to potentially change each and every single "Balks" for "Bacchus" which is indeed his correct last name.--BGMaxie 10:08, April 19, 2012 (UTC)

So Bacchus is supposed to be the official translation? How did you translate his surname anyway? Are you sure your way of translating it is reliable? (Just wanna make sure first before we do any drastic changes.)  Lau  Talk  Contribs  Kuroshitsuji  01:36,4/20/2012 

I'd say so. From Japan to English it is rather difficult, but if you instead translater Bacchus, from english to Japan, it will give you exactly the same kanji of his last name. Google Translators and others, are not perfect with Japan which is really complex, that's a fact and I agree with that. However using the above method, it seems the method is indeed correct. Also if you phonetically read his "Bakkusu" you will see there is no "L" and the two "k" would be the "cch" with "usu" being "us" then we have Ba-cch-us. So I think it fits from whenever you see at it. BGMaxie 01:51, April 20, 2012 (UTC)

I believe ya man. It makes sense. And I also asked my friend who knows Jap for some reference and yeah she agrees with ya. We'll have to manually change all the Balks then.  Lau  Talk  Contribs  Kuroshitsuji  03:38,4/20/2012 

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