Diary Edit

Ok, I'll need you guys' opinions on this. Should the 12 people be called Diary Holders or Diary Owners cuz I wanna be consistent. Personally, I went with Holders cuz that was how it was translated in, but whatever you guys think is more legitimate would be fine with me.  Lau  Talk  Contribs  Kuroshitsuji  00:30,3/10/2012 

    • I think we can call them Diary Holders. I see now problem with it. Also, in regards to Muru Muru, I think we should refer to her by that name and now Mur Mur, since both the anime, mangareader, and Wikipedia all refer to her by that name. Evilgidgit 01:42, March 10, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah, I agree with Diary Holders. Wait, are you saying that we should refer to Muru Muru as Mur Mur?  Lau  Talk  Contribs  Kuroshitsuji  01:54,3/11/2012 

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