Service Termination (サービス終了, Sābisu Shūryō) is the eleventh episode of the Future Diary anime.

Summary Edit

Keigo Kurusu strikes a deal with Minene Uryuu, promising to help her evade the police in exchange for an unrevealed favor.

A few days later, Yukiteru Amano wanders down a street at night with Yuno Gasai in tow. Yukiteru worries about his unhealthy relationship with the Second, especially now that he's openly declared her to be his girlfriend in order to save Hinata Hino. His thoughts are interrupted when he and Yuno are taken in for questioning by the Sakurami City police force.

At the police station, Yuno becomes agitated and starts searching for a weapon, muttering that they're in danger. Yukiteru is apprehensive, but before he can act, he's brought to Kurusu in an interrogation room. The Fourth nullifies his alliance with Yukiteru and forces him to play a game of Russian Roulette. Just before Yukiteru is forced to shoot himself with the chambered bullet, Yuno bursts into the room with a stolen gun, shooting Kurusu in the head and chest several times. Holding Masumi Nishijima at gunpoint, the Second diary holder flees the scene with Yukiteru in tow.

Nishijima checks in on Kurusu, who has narrowly survived Yuno's attack thanks to his bulletproof vest; however, he has lost an ear. His actions are revealed to have been a gambit to force Yuno to attack him, thus making her a criminal and allowing her to be tracked by his Investigation Diary. Soon after, Yukiteru panics after a warning shot and shoots another officer in the stomach, prompting the appearance of his case file in Kurusu's Diary as well.

Hiding out by a hospital, Yukiteru and Yuno spot Kurusu's wife from a distance and follow her inside, but they fall into a trap laid by Minene. With Kurusu demanding that she bring the other holders to her, threatening her life in the process, Minene breaks off her alliance with the Fourth, prompting a Dead End to appear in her diary as well.

Now allied with First and Second, Minene introduces them to her two hostages: Kurusu's wife and son, the latter suffering from a terminal illness. She reveals that Kurusu had offered to help her evade the authorities in exchange for a promise; if she won the Survival Game, she would build a better life for his son.

Meanwhile, the Sakurami police force amasses outside the hospital, soon joined by a bandaged Kurusu.

Muru Muru's Section Edit

Muru Muru has dressed up as Kurusu and takes a weekly report from Masumi Nishijima. During the report, she has him buy katsudon for her and roleplay as a criminal in a police drama. The next day, the real Kurusu greets Nishijima in the morning, and the latter states he has already bought another bowl of katsudon and has been preparing for more roleplay, to the detective's confusion.

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