Repairing (修理, Shūri) is the sixteenth episode of the Future Diary anime.

Summary[edit | edit source]

After their defeat against Marco Ikusaba and Ai Mikami, Yuno and Yuki lay in the hospital.

Yuki and his father competing against each other

Yuki is visited by his father, Kurou Amano, who happened to be near Sakurami City.

Minene, who was sent by Masumi Nishijima to train Yuki in order to win a rematch against Marco and Ai, is seen sitting on top of a Yuki who is making push-ups.

However, when his father arrives, he gets jealous in an instant and begs Minene to give him the same treatment as she was giving Yuki. Whenever he continues to beg, Minene gets very annoyed and challenges him to train together with Yuki instead then, to which he agrees.

She then creates a competition in which Yuki faces his father in all kinds of disciplines, such as pull-ups and grip-tests, however, Minene helps his father, who is undoubtedly losing to Yuki in practically anything, win by letting him cheat tremendously, to Yuki's most displeasure.

As the last test, Yuki and his father are to run as fast as possible to the top of a mountain near Sakurami City. At first, Yuki outruns his father with great ease to which his father tells Yuki that he and his mother divorced due to his father being bad with money, he also said that he currently had a large debt, but that the arrangements to repay it were already made. After hearing this, Yuki deliberately let his father win because he thought that even if he won, his father couldn't remarry his mother.

In the end, Yuki and Yuno face the just married couple; Marco and Ai, at the Sakurami Tower.

Muru Muru's Section[edit | edit source]

While looking for his son's ward, Kurou runs into Muru Muru dressed in a nurse's attire and asks for assistance. Instead, he ends up buying her a popsicle and relates his predicament to her outside the hospital: his desire to live the high life has landed him deep in debt. The demon encourages him not to worry too much and takes off.

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