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Reception Outside Range (受信圏外, Jushin Kengai) is the twelfth episode of the Future Diary anime.

Summary Edit

As Minene Uryuu holds Keigo Kurusu's wife and son hostage, Yukiteru Amano starts to wonder if trusting Yuno Gasai is such a bad idea. He is given a grenade by Ninth and told to patrol the perimeter.

Uryuu calls Fourth to make demands, but Kurusu shuts her down, saying his dying son's only hope is for his father to take Deus Ex Machina's place. Fourth sends his forces to storm the hospital, and enters himself shortly after.

Yukiteru is taken down by the police, but is taken hostage by Kurusu when Yuno shows up. The girl threatens to use Yukiteru's grenade, and Fourth releases the boy. Wanting to pay Yukiteru back for being the light of her life, Second pulls the pin, intent on taking Kurusu down with her.

Meanwhile, Uryuu runs into Masumi Nishijima, who cuffs himself to the terrorist. The bomb she set in Yoi Kurusu's ward explodes, and Ninth takes off running with Nishijima in tow.

In the ruined hospital, Kurusu holds Yuno at knifepoint and Yukiteru draws a gun on him. First and Seconds' diaries say Yukiteru will miss and hit Yuno, but the boy defiantly states that he loves her, and manages to hit Fourth. Uryuu and Nishijima appear, the former having outed Kurusu's disregard for the law by showing the latter a recording of a conversation between her and Fourth.

Nishijima places Kurusu under arrest, removing his right to investigate and rendering his diary useless. Fourth asks Uryuu to watch over his son, and breaks his own diary, saying he has faith that Yukiteru will win the survival game.

In the following days, Uryuu escapes police custody, Nishijima clears First and Seconds' names, and the two teenagers go on a stargazing trip together. Aru Akise sends Yukiteru a message advising him not to get too close to Yuno, but she deletes it before he can read it, apparently having erased Akise from her memory.

On the train, Yukiteru questions Yuno about her large bag, but she says he has nothing to worry about. However, it is revealed she is carrying lingerie (but no other clothing), a large amount of medication, syringes and a pair of human skulls.

Muru Muru's Section Edit

After Muru Muru explains the survival game to Kurusu, he shares about why he became a detective and policeman. As a child, he stole a toy and was abused by his father, a career criminal, for it. As a result, he became bitter, wondering why no-one treated his father the same way. Muru Muru wonders if he became a cop to beat people up, and he leaves. Muru Muru then wonders if he made off with her umbrella.

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