Rea Amano (天野 礼亜, Amano Rea) is the mother of First Diary Holder Yukiteru Amano and the ex-wife of Kurou Amano. It is later revealed that the reason why she divorced was that his father, Kurou Amano, was pretty bad at handling money and therefore had obtained a huge debt.

She is killed in the second world by her desperate ex-husband Kurou Amano because she wanted to take him to the police after she had seen him coming down from the Sakurami Tower with a parachute without Yukiteru.


Rea is a woman with long brown hair, and blue eyes, she's wearing red glasses.


She has a kind character and is a very caring mother, her cooking skills are admirable and her criticism on other's cooking is noticeable, as stated by Yuki himself.

Although very caring, she is still very absent during Yukiteru's upbringing, such as when she simply ignores that the police has been searching for Yukiteru and Yuno, believing that the best thing to do would be to let them handle it on their own.

She is also very easy-going, going as far to encourage Yuno and Yukiteru to sleep in the same room knowing full well what could happen.

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  • She is named after Rhea, the mother of Jupiter's Greek equivalent, Zeus.