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Orin Miyashiro (宮代 お鈴, Miyashiro Orin) is an assistant to the Eighth Diary Holder, Kamado Ueshita. She owns the Apprentice Diary, "The Orphan Diary".

Plot and Appareance

Orin is a girl with long brown hair and brown eyes.


It is not known if the Orin parents are dead, or have abandoned it when she was very little, Orin Miyashiro was an orphan who lives in the Mother's Village orphanage run by Kamado Ueshita. She assists Kamado in running the orphanage.

Cult Of The Sixth

When the Survival Game commenced, Orin infiltrated the Omekata Temple along with one half of the Seventh, Ai Mikami, to gather information about the other diary holders.

The Eleventh's Kingdom

After Kamado made an alliance with Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai, Orin, Ta-kun and around twenty other orphans ambush the Eleventh John Bacchus on a mountain road. However, John disables their apprentice diaries with a signal jammer in his car and thus removing any advantage that Orin and the orphans had. At this moment, Orin tells Yuno to destroy the jammer, only for Yukiteru to betray their alliance, backstabbing the orphans by shooting them with a pistol. Yuno, in turn, unsheathes her sword and beheads Orin, killing her.

Third World

In the anime, Orin and Ta-kun, both with expressions of displeasure, stand in front of the orphanage to see off Kamado, who walks away arm-in-arm with John Bacchus, seeming to be going on a romantic date.