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New Model (新機種, Shin Kishu) is the eighth episode of the Future Diary anime.

Summary Edit

An unknown Diary Owner speaks to Deus Ex Machina, requesting to transfer ownership of his diary to someone else.

On the way to his new school, Yukiteru Amano glimpses a white-haired boy observing him from a distance. Yuno Gasai recommends that he hide his diary so as not to draw attention of the other Owners.

At school, Kosaka Ouji torments Yukiteru, but is shut up by fellow students Hinata Hino and Mao Nonosaka. Yukiteru makes fast friends with the three, and despite reported murders in the area, the group stops by a park after school. Yuno opposes the idea, but goes along with Yukiteru and his friends.

When Hinata runs off on her own, she appears to be accosted by several dogs and the future changes on First and Seconds' diaries. What looks to be Hinata's corpse is then found by the group. The white haired boy from before introduces himself as Aru Akise and helps them escape to an observatory in the park.

The owner of Tsukishima Kennels, Karyuudo Tsukishima, prepares a banquet for his dogs and tracks the progress of the canines out in the park. He appears to have transferred his diary to his daughter.

Akise reveals to have been observing Yukiteru's involvement in recent happenings such as Three's murders, Ninth's bombing of his old school and the Omekata Incident. The dogs heighten their assault and with no other choice, Yukiteru uses his diary to aid the group in keeping them out.

After the dogs seemingly give up, Mao holds a knife to Yukiteru's throat and relieves him of his diary. Hinata appears, having faked her death, and reveals herself as a Diary Owner. She says she has no business with First or Second, and is only after Akise's diary.

Muru Muru's Section Edit

Akise finds his bicycle seat stolen and runs over Muru Muru on the way to a meeting with Yukiteru. Instead of a hospital, Muru Muru requests to be taken to an amusement park and the two spend an afternoon there. Akise suspects the little demon purposely threw herself in his bicycle's path to be taken to the park, but she is apparently unaware of his stolen bicycle seat.

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