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Kamado (8th) and her orphans, with Yukiteru (1st)

The mother's village orphans' wish was for Kamado Ueshita, the Eight Future Diary owner, to become god, even though she has no intention of doing so. They are numerous and each of them carry a future diary.


The orphans are the children under the care of Kamado Ueshita. They are very loyal and supportive of her. The orphans themselves are a force to be feared, because they all possess Apprentice Diaries, although the only ones shown being used were the Orphan Diary and the Copy Diary. The Orphan Diary was very useful, allowing them to coordinate their attacks, but the Copy Diary was of little use. They lost their diaries when the jammer on John Bacchus' car cut off their siginals to Eight, but even without their diaries they are still skilled in battle, namely close combat, use of firearms, explosives, infiltration, etc. Also being orphans under her care, the Seventh duo, Marco Ikusaba and Ai Mikami are under her command, or at the very least are allies. Though, there was little interaction shown.

Notable MembersEdit

Orin Miyashiro  (宮代 お鈴, Miyashiro Orin) is an assistant to Kamado. She owns the Apprentice Diary, "The Orphan Diary". She was a memder of the Omekata cut, but was sent to the orphanage after the cult massacre. She uses her Orphan Diary to draw the other orphans in to combat, because she witnessed Yukiteru's action at the temple. She thought that she could trust him and this was her undoing.

Ta-kun (難波 太郎, Nanba Tarō), frequently nicknamed Ta-kun is an orphan living in the Mother's Village orphanage. He owns the Apprentice Diary, the "Copy Diary". It gave him the power to copy other diaries which could have made him a formidable enemy but he never got a chance to use it.

Marco Ikusaba is the Seventh diary owner, he shared this position with the love of his life Ai Mikami. A skilled street brawler, Marco was devoted to Ai and they worked as a perfect battle couple, using the "Exchange Diary" to help one another in the Survival Game.

Ai Mikami (美神 愛, Mikami Ai) is the Seventh diary owner, which is shared with her boyfriend Marco Ikusaba. Devoted to Marco, Ai and he shared the "Exchange Diary", which the couple used to keep an eye on each other at all times. They wished to become Gods so they could be together for all eternity.


When John Bacchus tried to shut down the orphanage, they attacked his limousine with the help of Yuno and Yukiteru. They where winning at first, but when John used his jammer to disable their diaries they were betrayed by Yuno and Yukiteru, killing all of them.

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