Mother's Village

Mother's Village

Mother's Village (母の里, Haha no Sato) is an orphanage in Sakurami City. It is run by Kamado Ueshita. The orphanage is the residence of both the Seventh Diary Holders Marco Ikusaba and Ai Mikami, and the Eighth Diary holder Kamado Ueshita.


Kamado Ueshita founded the orphanage. She devoted herself to caring for abandoned children, taking in any children that were lost or abandoned. As a result, she has at least twenty orphans who, as they grew up, began assisting Kamado in running the orphanage.

Marco Ikusaba was an early orphan taken into Mother's Village by Kamado. He would later help Ai Mikami by bringing her in after she was abandoned by her parents at Sakurami Tower. They would grow up together in the orphanage.

When the Survival Game commenced, Kamado, Marco and Ai did their planning in Mother's Village. It was decided that Ai and Orin Miyashiro be sent to Omekata Temple to spy on the other diary holders gathered there and collect information.

Mother's Village would later be investigated by Masumi Nishijima and the Sakurami Police to locate Kamado's Server Diary server, but nothing out of the ordinary was discovered, as Kamado was wearing the diary on a vest strapped to her person.

After the deaths of Marco and Ai, the Mayor of Sakurami City and Eleventh diary holder John Bacchus passes a motion to shut down Mother's Village, in order to isolate Kamado and claim her Server Diary, which would allow him to give every citizen of Sakurami City an Apprentice Diary. With little choice, Kamado left her orphanage after she had been betrayed by Yuki and Yuno in which all her children were killed.

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