Kurou Amano (天野 九郎, Amano Kurō) is the ex-husband of the Rea Amano and the father of Yukiteru Amano, the First Diary Holder. Kurou divorced Rea because he was pretty bad with money and therefore had a huge debt. He intended to break Yukiteru's cellphone.

In the second world, he is killed by one of John Bacchus assassins with a knife. Yuki and Yuno Gasai avenged him by killing all of the attackers.


Kurou is a handsome young man with short brown hair that is parted on both sides and blue eyes.


For the most part, while Kurou, was a loyal husband and caring father, he was extremely an irresponsible and financially man, which put him and his family at risk (this is why Rea Amano divorced him). Before visiting Yukiteru Amano at the hospital, he meets Muru Muru, confiding in her as he explains his feelings of being lost and alone. He is always on the lookout for ways to make money, and was even willing to help Ai Mikami and Marco Ikusaba break Yuki's phone because they hired him to; he wasn't aware of the survival game, however, and assumed that it was a normal phone. He is also somewhat lecherous, quickly developing an attraction towards Minene Uryu shortly after meeting her and making continuous attempts to hit on her. He is also noticeably selfish as indicated when he parachuted to safety while leaving his son behind in a collapsing building to fend for himself. Afterward, he accidentally kills Rea during a struggle and he is shown to be remorseful of his actions, telling Yuki that he did love his mother very much and wished that they could have been a family again.


  • Kurou is named after Cronus, the father of Jupiter's Greek equivalent, Zeus.
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