Kamado Ueshita (上下 かまど, Ueshita Kamado) is the Eighth diary owner. A large woman, Kamado runs the "Mother's Village" orphanage in Sakurami City and has been raising orphans for at least fourteen years, among them being Marco Ikusaba, Ai Mikami and Orin Miyashiro. The least harmful of the twelve Future Diary owners, Kamado has no interest in becoming God, but would like to win in order to make the world a better place for children.

Appearance & Personality

Kamado is a portly woman with an oversized head, and she always wears a chef's hat and an apron over her clothes.

Having cared for and raised numerous orphans over the years including Marco Ikusaba, Ai Mikami and Orin Miyashiro, Kamado is a perfect motherly figure and is loved by all of her orphans who form an army for her during the survival game. She is very kind, caring, polite and pacifistic, being the least harmful of the twelve diary owners and the only owner who does not engage in physical combat aside from John Bacchus. She is perhaps the most sane and least violent of all the diary owners. She also has little to no interest in playing the game or becoming God, however, her children want to her to win the game and will do anything to protect her. It is implied that Kamado's one reason to possibly become God is to make the world a better place for children so they would not have to worry about things. This was further proven when she begged Yukiteru to create a better world for children after he wins the game and becomes God. She loves children in general, showing concern for those not in her care like Yukiteru Amano and Aru Akise.

Diary & Abilities

She has The Blog Diary, which is a computer capable of creating the Apprentice Diaries for people not directly involved in the survival game. This means that the main strength of the Diary is to mass-produce Diary Users, with different powers akin to its owners. The main advantage of this process is that these diaries don't follow the same rules as the normal diaries, this means that one cannot die if the diary is destroyed, and is also implied that these users cannot become God, therefore making treason unlikely amongst those under her wing.

This method has some weaknesses. Since Kamado's diary can only provide Apprentice Diaries, it means that she cannot read the future by no means, that is unless she used an Apprentice Diary herself, but she has never been seen doing so nor it is known if she can give one to herself. Therefore the only means she can fight is if somebody fights on her stead. The Apprentice Diaries have another weakness, which is their dependance on the Blog Diary. Since they need to be connected to the server, if there is any sort of jamming, the Apprentice Diaries are rendered useless, which does not seem to happen with regular diaries. Kamado also seems to be unable to give an Apprentice Diary on a whim, as evidenced by Ouji Kosaka, who got his Kosaka King Diary after successive posts on a blog. The same applies to Aru Akise, who got his own Apprentice Diary after Kosaka updated all the entries on his notebook on his phone. It is believed that these entries determine which kind of Diary a person gets.

When teaming up with John Bacchus, the power of Kamado's diary is augmented when she connects it to the supercomputer Holon III, giving everyone in Sakurami City with a phone the power of Future Diaries, throwing the city into chaos.

While not interested in the game, she does in fact take participation through her own personal army composed of the very orphans she takes care of. The orphans themselves are a force to be feared, for they all have Apprentice Diaries, and are skilled in battle, namely close combat, use of firearms, explosives, infiltration, etc. Being also orphans under her care, the Seventh duo, Marco Ikusaba and Ai Mikami are under her command or at the very least are allies.

During the events of Future Diary: Mosaic it is implied that despite her rather elderly state, she possesses great physical strength, being one of the "three" main reasons the Sakurami beauty contest is boring, as given that the contest is of skills rather than appearance where she reigns in arm-wrestling.

Plot Overview

Rescue Operation

Kamado debuted with the other diary owners at the beginning of the story, although she is not seen for a while.

Kamado becomes aware of Yukiteru Amano's kidnapping at the hands of Yuno Gasai. With Kosaka as a user of her blog system, Kamado was able to identify Yuki and Yuno and gave Kosaka the powers of an Apprentice Diary. Kosaka was able to help rescue Yuki, who abandoned Yuno with his friends. Now knowing their identities, Kamado sent Marco, Ai and Ta-kun to intercept Yuki and Yuno, presumably to either capture of kill them. Orin informed Kamado of Kosaka's actions, Kamado busy pulling vegetables out of a vegetable patch. Kamado calmly concludes the situation is going well, and she goes off to scold a boy harassing a young girl.

The Seventh's Battle of Love

Kamado's identity is quickly discovered by Yuki's group, and they make a plan to cut off her diary's ability to create Apprentice Diaries. Operating from Kosaka's house, Kosaka and Akise successfully shutdown Kamado's diary by turning off the power of a communication tower near Kosaka's house. However, Marco and Ai, being diary owners, are unfazed by Yuki's plan and they successfully strip Yuki and Yuno of their diaries, but allows them to live.

Masumi Nishijima approaches Kamado and Orin with a search warrant to investigate the Mother's Village orphanage for Marco and Ai, unaware that they are at the Sakurami observation tower with Yuki, Yuno and Kurou Amano. Nishijima eventually learns of the situation at the tower, guessing Kamado's co-operation was a decoy for Marco and Ai to attempt to take out Yuki and Yuno. However, the tower collapses and Marco and Ai are killed. Kamado's reaction to their deaths is not seen.

The Eleventh's Kingdom

By the time Yuki joins the game, only five diary owners remain including Kamado. John Bacchus, the Eleventh diary owner, convinces the city council to order the closure of Kamado's orphanage in order to put her at a disadvantage. At the final gathering between the remaining diary owners, Yuki reveals to the others of John's identity, much to Kamado's surprise and vows to kill him to avenge his parents.

Kamado and Yukiteru's army of orphans.

A couple of days later, Yuki, Yuno and Kamado form an alliance to eliminate John. Waiting for John to pass by on a country road, Yuki learns from Orin that Kamado has never once stated she wants to become God, but counters her belief by explaining the orphans want her to become God. John passes by, his car driven by Nishijima. Two orphans stop John car by faking a toll pass, allowing Yuki and the army of Apprentice Diary-wielding orphans to charge down the hill to ambush John and his men. However, thanks to his Watcher Diary, John learns of Yuki and Kamado's alliance and uses an EMP-like device in his car to block out the Apprentice Diaries.

In their moment of vulnerability, Yuki turns on Kamado and the orphans, apologising and promising to grant their wishes when he becomes God. He and Yuno begin to kill the orphans, Yuno decapitating Orin and then killing Ta-kun, who tells the horrified Kamado to flee. Kamado escapes down the hill, Nishijima and John allowing her to clamber into their car, leading to a car chase. Kamado angrily blames John for her orphans' deaths, but John states that she has no one to blame but herself, telling her his diary cannot be beaten. The two are chased by Yuki and Yuno down the highway, until Yuki rams John's car off an overpass onto a road below where he and Yuno confront him. However, John and Kamado are able to escape when Minene Uryu and Aru Akise arrive with accusing evidence that Yuno is an imposter.

Later, Minene learns John is at the city's university and eavesdrops on a conversation between him and Kamado. John asks Kamado to relinquish her Blog Diary in order for his plan to succeed. Kamado partially undresses, revealing her server is strapped to her body. John, being a gentleman, covers Kamado with his jacket, much to her surprise. He then proposes his winning plan - to attach Kamado's diary to the supercomputer Holon III, in order to give everyone in Sakurami City who has a phone the powers of the Apprentice Diaries, hoping to form a superior race of humanity with him as their leader. Kamado does not openly object to the plan and goes along with it, although Minene's position is revealed and she flees knowing John's plan. She tries to destroy the supercomputer but learns there are two other terminals in John's business towers.

Minene, Nishijima, Hinata, Mao, Kosaka and Akise all join forces to stop John's plan, Yuki and Yuno joining them to kill both John and Kamado. Yuno breaks into one of the terminal rooms to kill Kamado, only to be blindsided by Akise who flees from the building with Kamado and Yuki's friends, whilst Minene and John are eliminated from the survival game.

The End Begins

Kamado, now in the care of Akise and friends, becomes Yuki and Yuno's last target. Yuki receives a diary entry that Akise will call to negotiate with him. However, Akise has other plans and decides to protect Kamado. He requests an audience with the dying Deus, Kamado escorting him to the Cathedral of Causality before returning to Hinata, Mao and Kosaka. Deus reveals to Akise his origins and begins destroying his body. Kamado and the others witness this, Kosaka copying the notes from Akise's detective log onto his phone, inspiring Kamado to help out and create an Apprentice Diary to save Akise. Akise is freed by Deus and is teleported before Yuki and Yuno, his Detective Diary able to read the predictions of Future Diaries, even when their futures are altered.

As Akise fights Yuno, Kamado flees with Hinata, Mao and Kosaka to a block of flats. Yuki chases them, armed with a gun. Convinced that his friends have betrayed him, Yuki ends up murdering Hinata, Mao and Kosaka. The black holes created by Deus' death rip apart the apartment block, knocking out Kamado. Yuki and Yuno confront her, Yuno ready to isssue the fatal blow with a knife. Yuki realises the horrors he has done and begins crying. Kamado awakens suddenly, noticing Yuki and asks him to make the world a better place so that children do not have to worry. Yuki is unable to answer as Yuno stabs Kamado and kills her. Akise, mortally wounded by Yuno, realises the truth about her apparent fake identity and runs to warn Yuki, but is decapitated by Yuno. However, he manages to show his discovery to Yuki in the form a text message which his headless body shows to Yuki. Yuno destroys his diary, ending the legacy of Kamado.

The Final Battle

When Yuki, Yuno, Minene and Muru Muru perform a time leap back two years into the past, they create the third parallel world. Kamado is shown alive and well with her orphans, Marco and Ai. Orin runs in, receiving a telephone call from John who has learnt of his own death by reading Yuki's Future Diary. John calls Kamado, telling her he is offering assistance to her orphanage to alter the future, telling the third world's Deus that he is cancelling his Future Diary project to escape his own death, thus retconning the survival game.

Two years later, Kamado and John are seen walking down a street together, presumably on good terms and possibly in some sort of relationship.


  • Kamado is named after Vesta, the Roman goddess of families and the home.
    • Kamado name means "furnace" in Japanese. This references that she is based off of Vesta.
  • After Yuki, Kamado has a large amount of alliances in the series, forming them with Marco and Ai, Yuki, John Bacchus, and then Akise and his friends.
  • Kamado's character theme song is "Lost Children" by vocalist Yuki.

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