How Minene Uryu Obtained Her Future Diary is the first chapter featured in the Future Diary: Mosaic spin-off manga.


How Minene Uryu Obtained Her Future Diary is an introduction of Minene Uryu before she gets to the Survival Game. She is placed in the Sakurami Police Station going by the identity as Natsuko Ooshima, as she is known as an international wanted criminal and naturally, she would like to retrieve information from the police. She is soon paired up with Masumi Nishijima under a mission to stop Minene herself from killing Catholic Church's Cardinal, Father Fred Haiman, who's staying at the Sakurami Empire Hotel's 27th floor. She is later next day shown placing a TNT bomb of her own in order to kill Haiman, however her plan of collapsing the building fails when Nishijima finds her.

After her failed plan of bombing the hotel, she is soon seen again with another chance of killing her target, as she gets a chance to deliver Haiman's food and naturally, she poisons his meal. However, she fails again due to Nishijima.

The third day she finally gets her chance to kill Haiman as she gets to plant her bomb in peace and the explosion is soon seen coming from room 2706, the room which Minene's target happened to stay in. Haiman is not shown dead, much to Minene's surprise. Nishijima puts her under arrest as Keigo Kurusu uncovers that she is not the real Natsuko Ooshima, as the real Natsuko was killed by Minene. Soon she reveals her true identity and absconds quickly, however she falls down instead due to Kurusu breaking the tie she was using to get down. She does not die, however. As she is slowly going down, she meets her childhood-self and short after she also sees Muru Muru, which explains the power of the Future Diary. Later she is shown talking to Deus Ex Machina and so, Minene Uryu the 9th is born.


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