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Handwritten Input (手書き入力, Tegaki Nyūryoku) is the fourth episode of the Future Diary anime.

Summary Edit

Yukiteru Amano spends a sleepless night, considering going to Keigo Kurusu about the bodies he chanced upon at the Gasai residence, but backs off upon discovering Yuno to be monitoring his actions.

The next day, Kurusu takes the two teenagers to the Omekata Temple, where Minene Uryuu is suspected to be held after her abduction.

There, Head Priestess Tsubaki Kasugano grants them an audience, and reveals herself to be the Sixth Diary Owner. She freely informs them that her Clairvoyance Diary records the future observations of her followers, and has set a Dead End for her.

She proposes a deal: in exchange for Yukiteru protecting her, she will turn Uryuu over to Kurusu. Despite Yuno's open distaste at the idea, Yukiteru is pressured to agree. In the evening, Tsubaki advises the boy not to get too attached to Yuno. Suddenly, her futon erupts into flames and followers rush into the room. As if under a trance, they pour fuel on the flames and hack at each other with axes.

Yuno requests Yuki to leave Tsubaki behind but Yukiteru recounts the nightmarish scene in Yuno's house and brushes off her pleas for them to leave. He breaks into Tsubaki's living quarters to rescue her just as the sprinkler system is repaired by Kurusu, dousing the flames. Noticing several reports in her diary about her adherents witnessing strange figures about the temple, Sixth realizes her followers have been mass-hypnotized.

Somewhere in the bowels of the temple, Yomotsu Hirasaka remarks on the diaries' weaknesses to a chained-up Uryuu, likening their strengths and weaknesses to a rock-paper-scissors-esque cycle. He dons his red eyeball mask and suits up, proclaiming to be a hero of justice, but Uryuu chides his arrogance, guessing he might meet his match with Yuno Gasai.

As if on cue, Second correctly guesses that the mangled followers around her, Yukiteru, and Tsubaki are only playing dead, and finishes the job with an axe. Covered in blood, she smilingly offers her love a choice: follow her and live, or stay with Tsubaki and die.

Muru Muru's Section Edit

Sixth is having difficulty jotting down every one of her visitors' accounts in her scroll, and notices Muru Muru a short distance away, treating the cell as if it were her own home. The little demon scribbles facts about First on some paper, enjoys a bento box dinner, sleeps on a futon and watches television, mistaking Tsubaki to be blind instead of merely having poor eyesight.

Sixth indignantly calls her out, and Muru Muru informs her of her inclusion in a survival game and the power about to be bestowed on her scroll. Tsubaki remarks that it would have been simpler to explain all this before intruding on her living space.

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