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Future Diary: Grand Battle is a fanmade expansion to the Future Diary series.


After the end of the first series and the game, Azami got kidnapped by the CIA Agents and got sent into the Collsseum of Time for an new tournament.

Main Characters[]

Azami Kirisaki: The main protagonist of the new series, she enters the new single elimination survival game at the New Collsseum of Time, She is the 13th Diary User who has a little sister named Kasumi Kirisaki whom she dearly loves.

Unnamed 14th Diary User: A new friend of Azami's, He's a 17 year old From America, he uses a Genre Diary.

Unnamed Other Diary Users: her fellow opponents of the Tournament.

Unnamed 16th Diary Tournament's Masterminds: The twin-16th Diary Users and the main antagonist of the series.

Returning Characters[]

Deus Ex Machina: An old friend of Yukiteru Amano (who won in Series 1 Finale) decides to announces to host a new tournament with new Diary Users.

Muru Muru: is the servant of Deus Ex Machina and serves as a judge along with him in his new tournament

Kasumi Kirisaki: Azami's baby sister who she loves.

Ai Mikami: Marco's wife and the tournament's preliminaries round host.

Marco Ikusaba: Ai's Husband and the tournament's round 1 host.

Akise Aru: The tournament's round 2 and round 32 host, he's Kasumi's crush.

Minene Uryu: The tournament's round 16 and the finals host.