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Future Diary: Another:World (未来日記-ANOTHER:WORLD, Mirai Nikki -Another:World-) is a live-action drama series, inspired by the Future Diary manga. It premiered on 21 April 2012 on Fuji TV. The series is a retelling of the events of the manga with new original characters.[1]


Arata Hoshino is a 21-year-old college student who has little interest in his future. His friend Rui Moriguchi gives him a limited Chronus Seed Corporation cell phone to use after their friend Kosaka steps on Arata's phone. Arata discovers the next day that his phone has developed an unusual ability to predict his future and exploits it by cheating in an exam and spending a night clubbing with friends. However, soon learns he is not the only Future Diary owner around - he meets Yuno Furusaki, a 19-year old who is Arata's stalker and is madly in love with him. Arata quickly discovers the pair of them are in a survival game formulated by an unknown being named Deus where the diary owners must eliminate one another to win a "wonderful future". Other members include policeman Kinjiro Hagito, teenage student Megumi Fuwa, serial killer Yousuke Okuda, and Tohru Kibe, CEO of Chronus Seed Corporation. Arata's father Kurou Hoshino, an employee at Chronus, is revealed to have a diary himself and sacrifices himself to protect Arata from Yousuke and dies, his body disappearing afterward.

Rui and his sister Haruna Okie offer to help Arata end the survival game, with Kinjiro, who is their cousin, also forming an alliance with them. Rui gets Megumi involved, but that night, she and Arata are captured and locked in a warehouse with Yuno by an unknown assailant. Megumi, who is emotionally unstable after a long line of being backstabbed by friends, turns against Arata, who is forced to break her diary and eliminate her from the game.


Main Characters[]

The relationships between the characters

Arata Hoshino (星野 新太, Hoshino Arata): The main protagonist of the series. He is an easy-going and relaxed university student. He does not care about his future, he rather accepts everything as the way they are. His Perception Diary reflects that attitude. His diary records everything Arata will perceive. However, it will not tell him anything about himself. He is portrayed by actor Masaki Okada.[2] He is based on Yukiteru Amano.

Yuno Furusaki (古崎 由乃, Furusaki Yuno): She has a stalker-crush for Arata, this reflects the ability of her A-kun Diary. It predicts everything about Arata but it will not predict anything about herself. She's portrayed by actress Ayame Gōriki. [3]

Rui Moriguchi (森口 類, Moriguchi Rui): He is Arata's clever and helpful friend who handed out the Future Diaries. He later owns the Revelation Diary. Portrayed by Kanata Hongō. He is based on Aru Akise.

Haruna OkieA 19-year old university student and Arata's friend. She usually distrust Yuno. She owns the Description Diary. Portrayed by Mayuko Fukuda. She is partially based on Tsubaki Kasugano.

Yousuke Okuda: A 24-year old serial killer known as Southpaw. He owns the Murder Plan Diary that describes his psychotic personality. Portrayed by Yuta Hiraoka. He is based on Takao Hiyama.

Megumi Fuwa (不破 めぐみ, Fuwa Megumi): A 17-year-old student who was home tutored by Rui. She owns the Trust Diary. Portrayed by Fumi Nikaidou.

Kurou Hoshino (星野 九郎, Hoshino Kurou): Arata's 48-year-old father who works at Chronus Seed Corporation. He owns the Family Diary. Portrayed by Ken Mitsuishi. He is based on Kurou Amano.

Kinjiro Hagito (萩戸 金次郎, Hagito Kinjirou): A 33-year old Sakurami Police detective. He owns the Evidence Diary. Portrayed by Yoshinori Okada. He is based on a combination of Keigo Kurusu and Masumi Nishijima.

Tohru Kibe (木部 徹, Kibe Tohru): President of Chronus Seed Corporation. Aged 52. A counterpart of John Bacchus. Chronus Seed Corporation issued a number of limited edition Smartphones, which are actually Future Diaries. His corporation is a reference to Chronos, the Greek personification of time - aptly named as the company issues diaries that can read the future. He owns the Action diary. He is portrayed by Shiro Sano.[4]

Deus: The host of the Survival Game. A counterpart of Deus Ex Machina. His name means 'God' in Latin.

Supporting Characters[]

Rinko UeharaA 27-year-old woman who was hospitalized after struggling with her boyfriend, she seems to have a sentimental relationship with Kinjiro Hagito. Portrayed by Yuri Nakamura.

Reiko Hoshino: Arata's 50-year-old mother. Portrayed by Yoshiko Miyazaki. She is based on Rea Amano.

Marina Asami: A 25-year old Sakurami Police Detective. Portrayed by Saori Tominaga.

Akatsuki Kurata: A 40-year old Sakurami Police Detective and Kinjiro's supervisor. Portrayed by Masaomi Hiraga.

Kosaka-Kun: A 19-year old university student and Arata's best friend.