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Disconnection (切断, Setsudan) is the twenty-second episode of the Future Diary anime.

Summary Edit

Deus Ex Machina admits he has been waiting for Aru Akise to appear in his realm, and states that his successor will not be able to bring back the dead. When Akise tries to leave, the deity reveals the fact that he created the boy to be an observer in the survival game, and that his time has come to an end. 

Deus explains that Akise's every intention and action was the result of his programming, but agrees to let him live if he can testify to his free will. Akise fails on his own, but is granted an Apprentice Diary tracking the movements of the game's participants by the efforts of Eighth, Ouji Kosaka, Hinata Hino and Mao Nonosaka, and returns to the earthly realm. 

Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai pursue Eighth but are delayed by Akise while the others take her to higher ground. After First takes off after them, Yuno stabs herself to make her love think that Akise is killing her, throwing Yukiteru into a panic. 

Hinata, Mao and Kosaka try to convince First that the dead will stay dead, but they are all shot down. Akise catches up and attempts to tell Yukiteru that Yuno is lying to him, before the girl shows up herself. The two square off, and Akise breaks Second's diary, which he sees refer to Yukiteru as Amano instead of the normal Yukkii. Unaffected and with a second diary in hand, Yuno slashes his throat. 

Eighth requests that Yukiteru turn the world into one where children can live happily, before she is killed by Second. Realizing the truth about the situation, Akise shows an unseen message on his phone, walking forward even when he is decapitated. 

Meanwhile, Muru Muru looks with glee at Deus' empty throne. 

Muru Muru's Section Edit

Before the start of the survival game, Deus recalls being approached by John Bacchus who came suggesting the competition for godhood.

When it rains while Muru Muru is on the earthly realm playing, Deus goes to fetch her with an umbrella, and tucks her in for the night back in his own domain.

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