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Delete All Messages (全件削除, Zenken Sakujo) is the nineteenth episode of the Future Diary anime.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Sakurami Mayor and Eleventh Diary Owner John Bacchus greenlights the tearing down of Mother's Village orphanage to force Eighth into the open.

Yukiteru Amano takes to acting on Yuno Gasai's advice, gathering enough information to reveal Eleventh's identity before Deus Ex Machina, Muru Muru and the remaining Diary Owners in a meeting in Deus' realm. Next, First and Second plan to win over Eighth and defeat Eleventh.

Meanwhile, investigations on the third corpse found in the Gasai residence are still going underway, headed by Masumi Nishijima and Aru Akise.

Yukiteru and Yuno stage a raid on Eleventh's security detail with the assistance of Eighth and her displaced orphans. However, when Bacchus activates his vehicle's electronic signal jammers, First and Second take advantage of the orphans' Apprentice Diaries being rendered useless to betray Eighth, who flees the scene with Bacchus.

Before Yuno can kill Eleventh, Minene Uryuu and Akise show up bearing crucial information. By cross-referencing umbilical cord tissue left at the orphanage at which Yuno was abandoned with the third skeleton, forensics conclude that the third dead body is that of Yuno Gasai's.

Muru Muru's Section[edit | edit source]

Muru Muru visits Mother's village and is given lunch by Orin Miyashiro. Through their conversation, the demon comes to think of Deus and herself as having a parent-child relationship, although the former makes for a strange and somewhat sadistic parent.

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