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Data Transfer (データ転送, Dēta Tensō) is the twentieth episode of the Future Diary anime.

Summary Edit

Despite strange developments arising regarding Yuno Gasai's true identity, Yukiteru Amano remains her ally. Meanwhile, Masumi Nishijima supplies Minene Uryuu with defense schematics and John Bacchus' whereabouts.

Eleventh plans to connect Eighth's diary to his supercomputer, Holon III, and give Future Diaries to all citizens of Sakurami. When Uryuu is discovered at the scene, Nishijima helps her to avoid detection and proposes to her, to her mortal embarrassment.

At the same time, Muru Muru watches events unfold with amusement from Deus Ex Machina's realm. Certain that she is up to mischief, Deus retreats into a private space to rest.

Ueshita Kamado agrees to surrender her diary to Bacchus and Uryuu and Nishijima manage to damage the supercomputer just as Eighth's diary finishes uploading to the network. Unfortunately, the destruction they cause is only superficial, and the citizens of Sakurami catch wind of their mobile devices' new abilities.

Ouji Kosaka, Hinata Hino and Mao Nonosaka, each now equipped with Future Diaries of their own, meet with Uryuu and Nishijima under Aru Akise's instruction. Learning that Holon III's backup units have to be destroyed simultaneously, the five stage a raid on Quad Towers where they are housed.

Uryuu has a revelation about Eleventh's Watcher Diary and appears in Deus' private space to confirm her theory. After supposedly casting an illusion in which he strikes Ninth through the midriff, Deus informs her that Bacchus had a role in the creation of the Future Diaries and is thus able to make use of every type of prediction seen so far, essentially spying on other Future Diaries.

Kosaka, Hinata, Mao and Uryuu temporarily gain the upper hand on Eleventh by rewriting the entries in their diaries, but his right hand man's Assistant Diary nullifies the tactic. Uryuu loses a hand to an explosive and Nishijima is shot and killed, while the three teenagers are taken captive.

First and Second arrive, apparently having taken advantage of the earlier party's actions as a diversion, and plan to appeal to Bacchus' conscience by taking civilian hostages.

Muru Muru's Section Edit

 Muru Muru is once again at an amusement park with Akise, and finds that certain rides require entrants to be of minimum heights. She gets around the rules with a growth pill, allowing her to have more fun, until she comes across a ride with a maximum height. Akise, having ingested one of her shrinking pills, stares at her from on board the kiddie ride.

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