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Blocked Call (着信拒否, Chakushin Kyohi) is the ninth episode of the Future Diary anime.


In a flashback, Karyuudo Tsukishima tells his daughter, Hinata Hino, that he is responsible for the recent murders. He explains his role in the Survival Game, claiming that he wants to succeed Deus Ex Machina and bring his family back together; to do so, he needs Hinata's help. Because Aru Akise has been spying on him, Tsukishima suspects he is a rival diary user; despite her reservations, Hinata takes it upon herself to eliminate the boy.

In the present, Hinata has Akise cornered. He proposes a simple game in exchange for his diary; tossing a coin and asking Hinata to guess which hand caught it. Akise performs well, and Hinata releases Yukiteru Amano.

Yuno Gasai notices Akise's diary did not buzz with static when the future changed, and tackles him. Looking at his empty cellphone notes, the group realizes he is not, in fact, a diary user, and has been winning the games on sheer luck. Hinata agrees to one final game in exchange for Yukiteru's diary, and the First requests that they stay friends if Akise wins.

Akise guesses Hinata's hands correctly while Yukiteru is distracted by Yuno, after which the latter knocks the former unconscious. This is so Akise can take advantage of the Indiscriminate Diary's weakness: that Yukiteru's perceptions alter its entries. Mao Nonosaka, determined to help Hinata off the competition, draws her knife but takes Yuno's stab for Hinata.

Yukiteru, Yuno, Akise and Ouji Kosaka leave the observatory, prompting Hinata to send her dogs on them again. Yukiteru heads back, eager to preserve his friendship with Hinata; Hinata herself feels lonely, recounting her father's reluctance to spend time with her in her youth. The teenagers all show up back at the observatory, and Yuno threatens to kill Hinata and anyone who would come between her and her love, romantically or otherwise.

Yukiteru calms her down by introducing her as his girlfriend, and Hinata expresses confusion at his kindness when she set her canines on them. Her father communicates with her through a speaker on one of the dogs, telling her that his part in the Survival Game has come to an end. While he admits that his promise of reuniting their family was a lie, he apologizes for being a bad example to Hinata, warning her that kind people should not be trusted. After implying that Keigo Kurusu is in the room with him, a gunshot rings out and the Breeder Diary reports its owner's Dead End.

Muru Muru's Section[]

Muru Muru infiltrates Tsukishima Kennels in a dog costume, but is quickly outed by responding intelligibly to Tenth's questions, unlike his other dogs. After she explains the Survival Game to him, he expresses confusion on why she is still in the dog costume.