Azami Kirisaki (霧崎 あざみ, Kirisaki Azami) is the Thirteenth diary owner, who only appears in the PlayStation Portable game Future Diary: The 13th Diary Owner. Not much is known about her, but her little sister Kasumi Kirisaki was hospitalised after being attacked by Takao Hiyama. Her Future Diary is the "Video Diary".


Azami is a girl with long black hair, tied in a ponytail with a ribbon, and blue eyes. She wears a yellow, hooded raincoat, and a school uniform is visible beneath it, consisting of a white shirt, a blue skirt, black socks, and white and pink trainers. She is also shown to wear glasses.


Azami Kirisaki is a generally rude person, mainly to the other diary owners, but is generally kind to her sister Kasumi Kirisaki. However, she can be social towards other people as well, including some of the diary owners. This was shown when she became friends with Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai, and agreed to cooperate with them as a team. She's extremely overprotective of her sister and treats her like a daughter and will consider anyone who threatens to harm her, an enemy. Azami is a prodigy due to her gifted.


A lot is unknown about Azami's history, but it is shown that she has a dear sweet little sister named Kasumi Kirisaki whom she dearly loved, until her sister is attacked by Takao Hiyama. After that attempted murder, Kasumi is hospitalized.

Somehow, she is chosen to be the thirteenth diary holder and received the Video Diary. Azami eventually learned the Identities of the 12 Diary Holders and after discovering that Takao Hiyama is the 3rd, she set out for a twisted revenge; one for getting revenge for her sister, the other for herself to become God and use her powers to heal her sister. She began hunting down the 12 Diary Users and the 12 Diary Users must do everything to survive.

Diary & Abilities

Her Future Diary is called the Video Diary. Appearing as a digital video camera, Azami is able to use it to predict what she will record on the camera and use that ability to her advantage. Presumably, because she wears the hooded raincoat, she is able to evade detection easily.

Her Diary's weakness is unknown yet.

Relationship with Other Characters.

Yukiteru Amano - She teams up with Yukiteru and eventually becomes friends.

Yuno Gasai - She teams up with Yuno and eventually becomes friends.

Kasumi Kirisaki - Azami is extremely supportive and overprotective of her little sister as her Daughter


  • Azami may be named after Neptune, the Roman sea god. Her last name contains kanji for "fog", "mist" and "spray" as in the spraying of water, all related to Neptune's domain.
  • Azami's voice actor - Yuu Asakawa, is also the voice provider for the famous VOCALOID Megurine Luka.
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