So...I heard you wanna help out the Future Diary team! Well great news for you since we are always looking for new members! these are the requirements below and they are slightly negotiable if I feel you deserve it!

Until I find a better way to do this you can leave all rank requests on my wall! and ill be sure to get back to you in a jiffy! (probably within an hour if im not sleeping)


Before a user wants to apply for a specific right, you must have these requirements! These will be changed to accommodate the size of the wiki.



  • Must have been active on the wiki for 4 months.
  • Must have at least 300 good edits.
  • Must know how to delete pages and files.
  • Must know how to block a user for an appropriate amount of time.
  • Must be familiar with the layout of the wiki.

Moderator Edit


  • Must have been active on wiki for 45 days
  • Must have at least 200 good edits
  • must know how to use privileges


  • Must have been active on the wiki for 1 month.
  • Must have 100 good article edits.

Chat Moderator

  • Must know the chat rules
  • Must be able to handle conflicts quickly.
  • Must not have more than THREE chat bans.
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