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Paul Nebeling
• 12/4/2016


will there be a season 2!??

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Paul Nebeling
• 7/18/2017

^^^^Do not know what your son said, but looking at it the whole series is an unhappy ending for much of the people of the Second World--we can only assume the First World as well. All of the kids are dead, Second World Yuno was hatchetted by First World Yuno, parents dead, et cetera. The only happy ending is for the people of the Third World. Third World Yuno lives and her parents undergo therapy/counseling. Third World Yuki is more adjusted, actually dating, and his parents are not complete disasters. Large amounts of kids to not get blown up, bent, folded, spindled, or otherwise mutilated.

So it depends on perspective. But that is the tragedy First World Yuno experiences--she cannot save the dead, no matter how much she tries, to the point she loses pretty much all of her empathy and humanity. Her sacrifice of herself is the only "good" thing she did since long ago in the First World.

Could be worse . . . could be Higurashi!

• 7/18/2017

I suppose it depends on how you look at space-time as a whole. Yuno replaces Deus in world one and then effectively abandons her position. We have no idea what state that world is left in. Yuki replaces Deus in world two, and we can see that he lets everything devolve into a void. Let's assume that is also what happens to world one, for simplicity's sake. In world three, Deus is still alive and seemingly well at the end of the story.


We have two worlds, possibly entire universes, that are non-existant. There's nobody there to have any feelings. Yes, it's a shame that they are gone, but they aren't suffering or anything. We have one world that is chugging along as usual, with all of the normal pain and suffering that occurs. Deus does seem to be interested in eliminating, or even reducing that. Part of the way things are supposed to work, I suspect. Meanwhile, in world two, Yuki-kami is sitting in his cups, crying over his lost love... for ten THOUSAND years. Until Yuno from world three effectively becomes Yuno from world one (and presumably Yuno-kami) and joins Yuki-kami in world two.

Yuki-kami is happy. Yuno-kami is happy. Yuki-kami and Yuno-kami create a new world two, so now there are people there to live and have lives. Those people are (mostly) happy.

How is that not a happy ending?

• 7/18/2017

Mirai Nikki is deliciously complex with its moral ambiguities. It is a "happy ending" for Yuno and Yuki. For all who die, not so happy. Worse, some suffer rather extraordinarily in the process--see blind priestess girl who got repeatedly raped only to get her hand removed by Yuno's hatchet.

However, all twelve of the players were tossed into a game most did not choose--certainly not Yuki. If you do not play, you die. So what was he to do? For awhile, he survives hanging on to Yuno, but he begins to realize the only way to "win"--and in his mistaken belief--and bring everyone back is to become more like her: killing people, until he becomes as selfish as any including Minene. Yes, we all love Minene, but she is a sadistic killer without a moral compass for much of the series until, really, her death.

The bottom line is sometimes you are put in craptacular circumstances.

In order to "win" to "survive" means everyone else has to die. Harsh, but that is the reality they get. If no one plays, everything dies.

Thus Yuno's idea of a "Happy Ending" is reliving one sexual encounter with the hopes her lover will kill her and live. If not . . . there is always another world! She has a career as a motivational speaker.

Okay, can I pull something positive out of this morass of death, doom, destruction, and mochi?

Like Higurashi the characters had to have the correct world and make the correct choices. Deus-II senses that the "game" is rigged. So--to avoid a Wall of Text Plot Summary--he has some agents to try to figure out what is going on. Meanwhile, F-W Yuno has groan a bit and cannot quite kill Yuki even though she still suspects he does not actually love her. So she abandons dying Second World and moves to Third.

However--again trying to avoid Wall of Text Plot Summary--Deus-III realizes the "game" is a very dumb idea originally conceived by a character who just expected to win. So they both decide to dispense with it. Minene keeps her promise, so Cop's kid will not die. Bottom line is that the various characters do not suffer the lives they had in the Second World and, presumably, the First World. So that is a "Happy Ending" for them. Just like Higurashi, the various iterations of "Da Kids" do not have "Happy Endings" by and large either. Cannot do anything for them.

Right, do not know if that answered your question. I am not saying it is "all bad," just that happiness is relative. Another way to look at it is part of the "message" is how irresponsible parents ruin everything. Pretty much every character who suffers suffers from having a bad, irresponsible, indifferent, to absent parents. They all seem to have their own agenda. Even the Cop becomes so single-minded in becoming Deus to save his son he really never sees him or his wife. Blah . . . blah.

Yuki had the opportunity to be like that if he accepted Yuno's "Happiness Sphere" for want of a better term. He realizes life is not about just his happiness. He does not "know" Third World Yuno, but he finds it "wrong" for her to be killed. The Third World parents are better for many reasons.

As for the worlds, the First World, without Yuno-Deus is gone. She enters the Second World retaining some of her powers which all makes sense in retrospect. When she and S-W Yuki go to the Third World, the Second World goes to nothingness. When S-W Yuno--who is effectively the Deus of the First and potential Deus of the Second!--kills herself, S-W Yuki becomes S-W Deus and . . . we see what the universe is like: nothing unless he does something.

• 7/18/2017

Personally, I never could figure out what Yuno-1's end-game strategy was. As long as the game kept being played, she would get to be with Yuki and have her "one night of bliss" over and over again. But as long as the both were players in the game, she was stuck in an unending cycle of death and destruction. Always the chase, never any peace. She was insane, so doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result isn't out of the question.

Yuki-2, on the other hand, seems to want things to end, but wants to still have Yuno by his side, which is impossible. Unlike Yuno, he does not want to keep repeating the cycle endlessly. That desire seems to warp causuality in world three to prevent the game from ever beginning, ending the cycle. It's my belief that he's broken the cycle BEFORE Yuno stabs herself. With the cycle broken, Yuno stabbing herself was the only way for her to save Yuki. Muru Muru-1 storing Yuno-1's memories was fortuitous, in the long run.

As for all the death and destruction along the way, let's not forget that there were two worlds that had played the game, but we only saw the final outcome of the first. It's probably safe to assume that there was just as much suffering there. One has to wonder how different that world's game went. In the end, World 1 is gone, World 3 is missing it's Yuno Gasai, and World 2 has two gods recreating it together.

A postscript:

In retrospect, EVERYBODY on World 3 gets a happy ending (such as it is) and Minene-2 gets one (with Nihijima-3) as well.

• 7/18/2017

I do not know, the Priestest-Gal feels "besmirched!" ^^,

I think what Yuno-1 "wants"--and we are not dealing with a rational chick here!--is to "fix" her mistake at the end of the First World. We really do not know how Yuki-1 felt. Maybe he loved her. He seemed to be content to die with her. Then, Yuno-1 got the "bright idea"--which she uses against Yuki-2 later--that if you are a Deus you can bring people back from the dead. No reason for them both to die.

We all know how that ends.

So I think Yuno-1 wants to replay the game and, this time, die. Of course, Yuki-2 "looks in the room" which changes things in ways we do not know. I guess Yuki-1 probably never learned of her past, never feared her, but then Yuno-1 was probably also not a Divine Death Dealing Yandere at that point either.

Having won the game, seeing Yuki's alive but not alive corpse, and seen an entire universe die, Yuno-1 has no attachment to life. Hence her often first response to anything is to kill it--including Yuki's Mom! Why care when everything dies if you do not win? Having lost the "plan" to simply replay the First World game, she grows ever more paranoid. She also senses that Yuki-2 does not trust her, feel the same way or at least act to her expectations. Hence her complaint that Yuki-2 will not even flirt with her. We can only assume Yuki-1 did.

Soooooo . . . she is disappointed with Yuki-2 at the end. Her "Plan," I think, was to have Yuki-2 be more like Yuki-1, love her, relive their first sexual encounter, then have Yuki-2 kill her. But she does not trust Yuki-2 for Wall of Text reasons to many to type! She does not care about the pain he goes through when she tricks him into killing the Other Kids--particularly when he learns that, no, he cannot bring anyone back. He is a murderer like everyone else.

When he reveals he knows her past--the AXE!!--but, I think, Yuno-1 does at this point have some actual love for Yuki-2 himself and not this idealized concept called "Yuki." So she will re-run the game, prevent Yuki-3 from "opening the door," and all of that, but cannot kill Yuki-2.

More to your "Happy Ending" point: I think, at the end, she realizes a number of things: 1) Yuki-2 does care for her; 2) Yuno-3 has a chance for a decent life now that her father is clued in and her mom will get therapy; 3) She cannot "make someone" love her--so she just cannot assume a Yuki-3 will play the role she wants.

It makes sense in that we see how hard Yuno worked to prevent Yuki from starting a relationship with The Girl with Glasses. In the Third World, left alone, Yuki starts dating TGwG and does not remember Yuno at all. Yuno--now Yuno-3--is "happy" but feels something is missing . . . blah . . . blah . . . blah.


I do wonder what happens if Nihijima-3 captures Minene-3. There probably is some fan fiction out there . . . I will not search for it. ^^;

• 7/20/2017


• 7/21/2017

Have an adult help you with all of those big words and scary punctuation and capitalization, child.

• 7/22/2017
TheDoctorX wrote:

I do wonder what happens if Nihijima-3 captures Minene-3. There probably is some fan fiction out there . . . I will not search for it. ^^;

Interesting concept. To add to the idea, since Mihijima already has "his" Minene (2), how would that change his approach to capturing Minene-3? That might be a story worth watching.

• 7/22/2017

He might consider Minene-3 a greater challenge since Minene-2 has already been

( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■



• 5/29/2018
---- Spoiler -----

If you look at the very ending of the credits of the last episode it teases soo hard of something happening. Yuno breaks into the void and visits Yuki.

But, if you watch the OVA Redial, you find out 3-Yuno does indeed break into 2-Yuki's Void and 3-Deus Allows it.

You definitely have to watch Redial to see the Happy Ending.
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