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• 10/9/2016

Is Yuno a real Yandere?

Hey guys!

I just bought last manga book of this anime and I saw something I think it isn't in the anime (as usual in mangas). There is that scene when Yuno tells Yukiteru that she has been taking advantage of him, also tells him that he needed protection and he didn't care about who could give it to him, he just needeed it. 

I know that Yuno loves Yukki, but, she confesses that she has been acting! Does this mean that all the Yandere stuff, killing people, threating, etc, it was all a joke? 

I think this because before that, Yukki screams "Are you going to kill all these people?! Even after you sacrified yourself?!"

And she answers "Don't make me tell you, Yukki."

"I just needed someone to take advantage of it, and you just needed someone who could protect you, it didn't matter to you who this person could be"

Again, does that mean that Yuno is not a Yandere after all? Though she's in love with Yukki, maybe she just killed all that people because she wanted to be God (and revive the first Yukiteru). What do you think?

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• 10/10/2016

It actually is in the anime, cant remember where exactly but im aware its somewhere.

I would argue that you are taking a lot of what was said out of context and only thinking about it in one light.

regarding your last statement, if she was killing all thoughs people just to become god and revive the first yukiteru it wouldnt really make sense as she was already god before heading to the next universe, she easily could have done it were it possible (which we know it is not).

I may be very well misunderstanding your question as im not entirely sure what your getting at but im fairly sure that this statement in context doesnt necassarily decount her from yandere, especially for someone who is essentially synonymous with yandere.

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