Forum announcement

Alright so while the wiki is maintaining similar amounts of views too when i first adopted it, the number of edits had increased dramatically somewhat. With the efforts of the admins virtually all minor page mistakes have been fixed (excluding thoughs on our obscure pages i dont even know about). That being said there is still always something to work on or information to add however it seems highly unlikely and unrealistic that i expect my admins too do all this.

I suppose the only thing we can do is rely on the community to fill in what we left out. So i guess my suggestion (and this is only a suggestion im not gunna force anyone) is that every time you have a interesting question regarding future dairy or even completely unrelated you could ask it on the forum for others opinons. Now obviously as of right now only the admins are going to respond but what im hoping is this small amount of interaction will help anons or random users to begin doing the same...

Only a suggestion but i may start doing it even of ita annoying XD