Hiring Announcement!

Alright so this is the second highlighted discussion and im aware that this can become annoying however, Huzzah! i come baring great news for thoughs who wish to help out on the wiki by adminning and such. As you may have noticed i added a Apply For Ranks tab to the navbar and believe it or not...this isnt just for show :P

Since i took over ownership of this wiki i cant help but notice that all the previous admins (besides the owner who has since moved on to other wikis on good terms) are inactive not just on the wiki but on wikia in general, some of them even have deactivated accounts..and well...deactivated accounts dont work very well as admins...

now im aware that while this wiki gets upwards of 5k views a day, the VAST majority of thoughs are simply people who need info on the anime/manga and not contributers...in fact id say im not too far off to say im the only frequent contributer on this wiki, and this sadden's me since im very passionate about this anime/manga.

however i ask thoughs who would still like to help the wiki and even thoughs who arent that interested to at least take a look...your help can make the wiki thriving and less barren more than you realise..


ps. to all previous admins...your still welcome here! id still love your help :)