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• 6/10/2018

Which chapter of the manga does this picture appear in?

I found this image in the character page for yuno .Any help would be much appreciated!
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• 4/8/2018

Future Diary Wiki

Since there are no active admins, I've decided to adopt the wiki. I've been an admin on many wikis, and I believe my experience will be useful in this wiki as well.
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• 1/16/2018

Message from Nazmus Shadat

I can't find the scene in anime redial where yuno and yukiteru creates a new world togrther..
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• 11/26/2017

Machine guns

Greetings! Here just want to ask a question. Where did Yuno Gasain and Yuki got their MP5 submachine guns? Did they get it from Minene Uryuu? It seemed to just come out of nowhere when i was binge warching the series.
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• 4/12/2018

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• 9/5/2017


In episode 3
What did Yuno do with the straws..?
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• 5/9/2017

What Anime is Deus Ex Machina watching after the credits from episode 7?

After Murmur and Nr.5 fly in the UFO the scene changes to Deus Ex Machina watching an anime and wondering where his saucer is. Is that a legit Anime of made-up?
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• 12/19/2016


How come second world Yuno's Diary predict first world Yuno's fate?
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• 12/4/2016


will there be a season 2!??
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• 10/11/2016


osu nice game with anime songs
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• 10/9/2016

Is Yuno a real Yandere?

Hey guys!
I just bought last manga book of this anime and I saw something I think it isn't in the anime (as usual in mangas). There is that scene when Yuno tells Yukiteru that she has been taking advantage of him, also tells him that he needed protection and he didn't care about who could give it to him, he just needeed it. 
I know that Yuno loves Yukki, but, she confesses that she has been acting! Does this mean that all the Yandere stuff, killing people, threating, etc, it was all a joke? 
I think this because before that, Yukki screams "Are you going to kill all these people?! Even after you sacrified yourself?!"
And she answers "Don't make me tell you, Yukki."
"I just needed someone to take advantage of it, and you just needed someone who could protect you, it didn't matter to you who this person could be"
Again, does that mean that Yuno is not a Yandere after all? Though she's in love with Yukki, maybe she just killed all that people because she wanted to be God (and revive the first Yukiteru). What do you think?
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• 10/5/2016

Is Akise gay in any way?

I mean... the manga gave a big page for Akise's confession to Yuki. Or is it just that Akise/Yuki is a female
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• 4/9/2016

Takao's Resurrection?

So, obviously, its a rather important plot point that people cant be brought back to life when they die. But on Takao Hiyama's page, it is stated that he was resurected by Muru Muru several times when he repeatedly destroyed his diary. So... What gives?
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• 10/1/2015

Quick notice

u might notice the wiki activity being a little full, ive been testing some bots so it might be like that while i continue too test it for a while..sorry!
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• 9/19/2015

Forum announcement

Alright so while the wiki is maintaining similar amounts of views too when i first adopted it, the number of edits had increased dramatically somewhat. With the efforts of the admins virtually all minor page mistakes have been fixed (excluding thoughs on our obscure pages i dont even know about). That being said there is still always something to work on or information to add however it seems highly unlikely and unrealistic that i expect my admins too do all this.
I suppose the only thing we can do is rely on the community to fill in what we left out. So i guess my suggestion (and this is only a suggestion im not gunna force anyone) is that every time you have a interesting question regarding future dairy or even completely unrelated you could ask it on the forum for others opinons. Now obviously as of right now only the admins are going to respond but what im hoping is this small amount of interaction will help anons or random users to begin doing the same...
Only a suggestion but i may start doing it even of ita annoying XD
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• 9/5/2015

Quick Announcement

More of an announcement for my admins but, my vacation is done so im completely able to help you with anything to the best of my abilitys. ill also be doing more editing around the wiki now that i have more free time (although school uis starting again so i may still be slower than i originally was). Anyways just a quick announcement i will unhighlight this in a day or so :)!
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• 8/14/2015

Vacation Announcement

heyo shruk here, ive been highlighting a lot of stuff ik ill make this quick.. from august 15th to september 4th ill be off visiting the family so my edits will be less frequent but they shouldnt be completely dead!
hows that for brief!
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• 8/13/2015

Hiring Announcement!

Alright so this is the second highlighted discussion and im aware that this can become annoying however, Huzzah! i come baring great news for thoughs who wish to help out on the wiki by adminning and such. As you may have noticed i added a Apply For Ranks tab to the navbar and believe it or not...this isnt just for show :P
Since i took over ownership of this wiki i cant help but notice that all the previous admins (besides the owner who has since moved on to other wikis on good terms) are inactive not just on the wiki but on wikia in general, some of them even have deactivated accounts..and well...deactivated accounts dont work very well as admins...
now im aware that while this wiki gets upwards of 5k views a day, the VAST majority of thoughs are simply people who need info on the anime/manga and not contributers...in fact id say im not too far off to say im the only frequent contributer on this wiki, and this sadden's me since im very passionate about this anime/manga.
however i ask thoughs who would still like to help the wiki and even thoughs who arent that interested to at least take a look...your help can make the wiki thriving and less barren more than you realise..
ps. to all previous admins...your still welcome here! id still love your help :)
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• 8/13/2015

Major Announcement!

Hello!, you may not know me but my name is Bryce and my username jokingly is Shruk.
Recently i put my eye on this wiki as a side project to where i do all my major editing which is the spookys house of jump scares wiki, now when i say "Side project" this doesnt mean that its only something i will be doing occassionally it will be more or less a permanent venture for me in the forseeable future to improve and update this wiki with any new or missed information despite the anime/manga being complete.
That being said its a huge job i cannot do on my own which is where you, the contributer comes in...I Have Opened a Forum that can be found under the on the wiki tab, this is important because thats where the majority of the off topic or not directly related to the information on the main page things should go, Likewise this is also the best place to grow the community and help eachother out.
while common contributers are certainly extremely helpful, im also interested in hiring admins for the wiki as its nearly impossible to do this by myself, even with non-frequent contributers...if you are interested leave a message on my wall and ill get back to you and watch your contributions and ill certainly take you into consideration :)!
finally, i hope you all will accept me as the new "Owner" of the Future Diary wiki and i hope we can grow into a much more active community..Thanks!
PS. Please note that during the times of august 15th to september 4th i will be notably less active as i am going on vacation however i still intend to try my best to improve the wiki
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